By Leo Haggerty


I’m throwing this out for your inspection.  I don’t have the answer but I believe it’s definitely time to have a discussion on the topic.

Here’s the query.  With the alleged shortage of Covid-19 tests nationwide, is it right for sports leagues to use up an enormous number of tests just to play games?

With your permission, I will argue this from both sides of the issue.  First, the pro side.

The United States has been without any type of major team sports competition since the middle of March. People are starving for some kind, any kind, of athletic distraction to take their mind off of the pandemic.

To resume athletic activities, all those involved must be tested on a daily basis.  Yes, that a gargantuan  number of tests to be administered and the results to be compiled in an extremely short time frame.

Yes, that does take away from the amount of Covid-19 tests that are available to the general public.  Still, it gets sports back on track and that’s what majority of the country seems to want.  So, the ends justify the means.

Well, that’s the positive angle.  Now, let’s look from the con point of view.

Just the fact that thousands of test are being used daily for what could be described as “non-essential activity” is almost criminal.  It’s being reported that people are waiting days, and sometimes weeks, to get test results back.

It would be a whole different scenario if there was a perpetual amount of test but it seems that isn’t the case.  Tests are in short supply and should not be taken up by a bunch of millionaires to pad their wallets.

Also, if these individuals cannot follow protocol to stay safe, then it ‘s all for naught. Leagues will have to shut down and all those tests were wasted on an epic fail.  That’s why the ends do not justify the means.

Well, there you have it.  On what side of the fence are you on?

Tough choice, right?  Or is it? Only time will tell.