By Tony Grier
Today’s column is provided by Tony Grier who is our National Basketball Association analyst.  Tony was a member of the USF basketball team and was drafted by the San Antonio Spurs.
Below is his thoughts as to how the “bubble” will
So, the NBA has taken a step, the first step of any kind into the unknown. What makes for a reality show has invaded Orlando, my backyard, for a re-boot of a season almost lost because of the pandemic.
Locals have come to appreciate, or not appreciate, Walt Disney World and other tourist attractions that create the daily invasion we’ve come to expect. But this is different…
Just like kids get excited to see Mickey Mouse and glance at the other characters in the theme parks, now adults are chopin’ at the bit for a glance of their favorite NBA player. What many aren’t aware of, and will soon find out, is that Covid-19 has created a Fort Knox South environment.  There  is a zero percent chance fans will ever see any of the players in person.
As a media representative, once in the bubble, you are tested daily and asked to venture into designated areas ONLY. Food is brought to your room.
Already, some players have mistakenly gone out of bounds or briefly AWOL, creating a no-no of sorts. If you’re a media person and assigned duty, you are feeling like a soldier heading to battle with a big (half) smile on your face.
We’re taking our lives and health into our own hands because we also “Love This Game” The world waits and will soon watch.
At least that’s the plan.  Let’s see if the NBA players can sequester themselves so this is a success and not a crash-and-burn failure.