By Leo Haggerty


Well, the National Basketball Association “bubble” has burst.  I would say the more appropriate term is an explosion.

It all started in a very innocent matter.  Lou Williams of the Los Angeles Clippers asked permission to leave the Walt Disney Resort “bubble” to attend a funeral of a close friend.  A legitimate request, right?

Williams leaves the facility.  Hopefully, he was wearing a mask and practicing social distancing when he went to the funeral to pay his respects then goes straight back to the “bubble” to continue preparation for the restart of the NBA season.  No problem, correct?

Well, Williams took a little detour.  The Clippers player decided to stop into a gentlemen’s club, which is the politically correct term for a strip club, because they had the best hot wings in town.  Are you kidding me?

Now, when it comes to telling the truth, I believe Williams for this reason.  You could make up a better lie than that so I give him props for being honest.

Ok, with that being said, let’s look at the intelligence and maturity level of this decision.  When you take that into consideration, Williams definitely failed that test with flying colors.

To say this was a bad choice is an understatement.  The NBA has gone to great lengths to ensure an environment that was coronavirus free and Williams could have easily destroyed that seal for some hot wings?  Give me a break.

I really thought it would be another week or two before we saw this type of behavior.  Truly, I’m not surprised.  I said earlier that it was just a matter of time before one or more of the players got “cabin fever” and made a run for it.

Now, before you pass judgement, let me ask you this question.  Could you sequester yourself for two months without any family members like the NBA has demanded of its players to finish the season?

Give the NBA credit for trying.  At least it looks like Williams didn’t contract Covid-19 and the “bubble” could be patched.

Let’s hope this is the last such incident.  The problem is I don’t think it will be. I hope I’m wrong.