By Leo Haggerty


Well, it’s official.  Major League Baseball has suffered its first wounds in trying to start the 2020 season.  The problem is that they could very easily be mortal.

After 17 players from the Miami Marlins, and that’s more than half the roster, as well as two coaches have tested positive for Covid-19, MLB suspended the rest of the Marlins season.  Big League schedule-makers were scrambling to recreate a schedule that just began less than a week ago.

Also, the Philadelphia Phillies, who hosted the Marlins in the opening 2020 series, have had their games with the Yankees postponed as a precautionary measure.  This was a good thing because two members of the Phils, one of their coaches as well as a home clubhouse staff worker, came back with positive test results.  That’s led to the cancellation of all activities at Citizen’s Bank Park which included their weekend series with the homeless Toronto Blue Jays.

To throw fuel on that fire, the St. Louis Cardinals have had multiple team members test positive for the coronavirus. This has led to Friday postponement of their contest with the  Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park.

So, do the math.  After a week of baseball, six teams are being held out of action with one franchise being suspended for the duration of the season.  That’s 20% of entire league not playing on the second weekend of the season.  Not a good sign and I expect it to get worse before it gets better.

I hate to remind you of this but I predicted this scenario.  There are way to many variables that teams cannot control especially when you have extended travel like MLB.

I fully expect Commissioner Rob Manfred to not pause but  “pull the plug” on the season before August 15th.  By then, look for at least 10, and possibly as many as 15, teams being ravaged by Covid-19.

Give MLB credit for trying.  Sadly, it had epic fail written all over it from the beginning.  Hopefully, I’ll be wrong but I’m not counting on it.