By Leo Haggerty


When you look at NCAA football, the Power Five Conferences are at the top of the mountain.  Now, it’s the Power Three.

Earlier this week, the PAC-12 and the Big 10 decided to postpone their entire football season until after the New Year.  Then, both conferences will examine their positions to see if they can start their respective members in early 2021.

Had a chance to ask a couple questions of Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby.  Check out his answers below.  Enjoy.

LH : Are all the conference schools using the same Covid-19 testing and what is the turnaround time on that?

BB :The answer is no.  They are not all using the same testing.  They are not using the same companies and the same labs.  They are not all using the same style of testing but there is some latitude in our policy for anagen testing and other types of new development testing.  I think that’s a place where we will see a lot of evolution during the football season.  I think that there’s every indication that testing technology and innovation as well as availability plus reliability will improve.  Relative to everybody doing the same thing, that gets normalized during the course of the season.  I mentioned the anagen testing that everyone will do. We will, most likely, get to the point where we’re testing on Sunday and Wednesday and Friday evening I think.  At that point, everyone that will be playing that week will be doing the same thing.

LH :This is a hypothetical question.  If the ACC and the SEC decide to move to a spring schedule, and the Big 12 is out on the limb alone in the fall, will that effect your decision?

BB : Well, anytime that anybody at any level has decided that they weren’t going to play, or that if they were going to do something different, it effects us.  We consume that information and homogenize it with the other information that we have.  I don’t know if we would want to be the only college football conference playing.  To the question of the post-season, that would eliminate the post-season. (ACC Commissioner) John Swofford and (SEC Commissioner) Greg Sankey and I spend a lot of time together and spend a lot of time comparing notes.  I think it’s highly unlikely that we would not diverge and have conversations in advance of that happening.