By Leo Haggerty


Wouldn’t this be the ultimate Tampa Sports Karma.  The Lightning capture the Stanley Cup and the Rays win the World Series and the Buccaneers, playing in Raymond James Stadium, take home the Lombardi Trophy.  All with not a single fan at any of the venues to cheer them on.

That would be the ecstasy.  A pro sports trifecta.  It would also be the agony.  Not a single Tampa Bay sports aficionado saw it happen in person.  You can’t make that scenario up.

If this came to fruition, it would become a cult story with a life of its own immediately. It would be the story that wins you a drink in the trivia round at the bar.

Here’s what kind of shelf-life this piece of sports history would have.  It would be comparable to someone expounding how they witnessed in person on March 2nd of 1962 the Philadelphia Warriors Wilt Chamberlain scoring 100 points against the New York Knicks.

Just writing that reminds me of two great anecdotes that arose from that record-setting event.  The first is where the game was played.  It was neither in The City of Brotherly Love or The Big Apple but at the Hershey Sports Arena in central Pennsylvania.

The second is who was responsible for defending the Big Dipper in the 169-147 Philly win.  The answer is no one.

I would love to take credit for this pearl of sports wisdom though but I cannot.  This is the brainstorm of my good friend Sean “Ozzie” Osborne.

Ozzie and I are so much alike in our thought process it’s not even funny.  He, like myself, is a wealth of useless knowledge.

Way to go, Ozmosis.  Touch ’em all because you knocked this one out of the park.