By Leo Haggerty


Had a chance to catch up with Assistant Head Coach & Run Game Coordinator Harold Godwin.  Below is the question I posed to him and his passionate response.

LH : Coach Goodwin, the hardest position to coach is the offensive line.  You have to have five acting as one.  With a group that needs contact work and only 14 padded practices, how hard will it be to get the offensive line ready to play?

HG : It’s very hard.  We all know how big the offensive line is to me, personally, because it’s the foundation of the team on offense.  Without those guys, we can’t run or protect.  We want pads on more but with the new CBA rules and Covid it’s been hard.  Especially when you talk about all the games and the twists you get from the defense.  In the run game, not having to do double-teams and when to come off the double-team to the next level and those kind of things has been really hard.  We’ve missed all the OTAs.  We’ve missed the days with all the general technique things you would talk about in the off-season and get worked on.  Now, you’re trying rush through those so, yes, it’s been a little bit difficult.