By Leo Haggerty


Hello football fans, I’m baaaaaaaack.  At least for this week.  Can’t make any promises after that.

Last week, some Group of Six teams plus other smaller schools kicked off the 2020 college football season.  Nine games were played and, honestly, it was really bad football in a large majority of the contests.

This week, the NCAA is trying to get off the ground with two of the Power Five Conferences, the ACC as well as the Big 12, opening up although some games have been postponed.  The SEC plans to put “toe-to-leather” next weekend while the PAC 12 and the Big Ten are still trying to determine an acceptable protocol so they can possibly start their season.

I will be posting Leo’s Losers on Friday so I will be using the betting line from that day.  That includes both the NCAA as well as the NFL.

I will put up the rules that I follow on Saturday.  That’s because I want to get this up ASAP.

Because I did so well last season and finished in the black every year that I have published my “LEO’S LOSERS” column, let’s increase again the Monopoly money that I’m playing with, ok?  Got to press my luck when things are going well, right?

Every week I’ll wager $300 on my LEO’S LOCK pick.  I’ll put $250 on each of the five LEO’S LOSERS selections.  Finally, I’ll gamble $200 on the ten LEO’S OTHER choices.

So here are the rules.  First, I’m only dealing with the money line.  That’s just picking the winner with no point spread involved.  That pays less if the winner is the favorite or more if the victor is the underdog.

So, if I chose the favorite to win in LEO’S LOCK, I make $200.  If I picked the underdog as the winner, I get $400.

If I lose, it’s just the opposite.  If I chose the favorite and they come up short, it costs me $400.  If I pick to dog and it loses, I owe $200.

Same with LEO’S LOSERS.  Favorite wins I make $175 and if the dog prevails its $325.  If my favorite goes down to defeat, then I drop $325 and if the underdog goes south then I pay $175.

With LEO’S OTHERS, a favorite win nets me $150 while a winning dog get me $250.  On the flip side, a favorite loss hits my pocketbook for $250 and a losing barker costs me $150.

So, here are the parameters I will be placing on my picks.  If there are no restrictions, anyone can pick a 40-point favorite to win, right?

So you can follow my picks a bit easier, the point spread will be in parenthesis (- means a favorite and + means an underdog) and the home team is CAPITALIZED.  Here are the last two rules:

1-I MUST pick all NFL and NCAA major college teams from Florida unless there is no line.  What that means, for all intents and purposes, the opponent is the Good Sisters of the Poor.

2-With ANY other game, the point spread (and that’s the + number if the team is getting points and the – number if the team is giving points inside the parenthesis) MUST be less than +10 to pick the favorite.  The spread can be any amount of points if I select an underdog.

Also, I normally post a short synopsis of my reasoning.  It will be extremely brief, as well as not including a final score, simply because there isn’t a whole lot of information to base an opinion.

My NCAA football analyst, former Pacific Lutheran Head Coach Scott Westering, gave some sage advice Tuesday on my radio program.  He stated, “The problem with playing college football right now is that there are all variables and no constants to making that happen.” Attaboy, Scott!

One, and maybe the only constant, is home field.  Week 1 is below and, as you will figure out, the home team is carrying a lot of weight when I select my losers.  Those teams playing in their backyard are in CAPITAL letters.  Enjoy.


New York Jets (+6 1/2) loses to BUFFALO
Home team and the Bills are playing the Jets.  Enough said!



University of Texas – San Antonio (+9) loses to TEXAS STATE
Home team and the Bobcats have a game under their belt.  Works for me.


Cleveland (+7 1/2) loses to BALTIMORE
Home team and stopping Ravens QB Lamar Jackson will be a big problem for the Browns.

Miami (+7) loses to New England
Home field is huge here and QB Cam Newton will have Patriots fans as well as Dolphins faithful going “Tom who?”.by the end of the tilt.

Arizona (+7) loses to SAN FRANCISCO
Home field and 49ers will be fired up to make amends for their Super Bowl collapse and the Cardinals will are on the receiving end of that rage.

Tampa Bay (+3 1/2) loses to New Orleans
Home field and new Bucs QB Tom Brady (yeah, your reading that right in case you’ve been totally quarantined) just hasn’t had enough time to get acclimated with his new teammates to beat the Saints in The Big Easy.



SOUTH ALABAMA (+8) loses to Tulane
Georgia Tech (+12 1/2) loses to FLORIDA STATE


Las Vegas (-3) loses to CAROLINA
Seattle (-3) loses to ATLANTA
JACKSONVILLE (+8) loses to Indianapolis
WASHINGTON (+5 1/2) loses to Philadelphia
NEW YORK GIANTS (+6) loses to Pittsburgh
Dallas (-2) loses to LOS ANGELES RAMS
Chicago (+2 1/2) loses to DETROIT
MINNESOTA (-2 1/2) loses to Green Bay