By Leo Haggerty


Week 3 was a strange one.  Why, you ask? Let me explain.

LEO’S LOCK (3-0) was exactly that for the fourth week in a row.  That added 200 skins to my bank account.  LEO’S LOSERS (9-6) was just the opposite.  I logged in with a 1-4 record and that cost me 625 yen.  Now, LEO’S OTHERS (18-12) saved the day with a stellar 8-2 mark and that put me a grand in the black.

At the end of the weekend, my record for Week 3 was 10-6 and that equated to 575 rubles to the good.  So, my cumulative mark is 30-18 and that puts my winnings up to 1,025 greenbacks.  Not to shabby for the opening of the 2020 football season.

I’m hoping this streak continues.  My Week 4 prognostications are below.  Enjoy.


New England (+7) loses to KANSAS CITY
Yes, QB Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs will lose a game this season.  It just won’t be this one even though Belichick has a way of devising a game plan that slows down explosive offenses.  The Patriots will slow the Kansas City offense down but not enough to win.  KC, 27-20, with a loud home field the deciding factor.



Texas Tech (+2 1/2) loses to KANSAS STATE
Red Raiders took Texas to OT last week and should have won it in regulation.  You would think that would be a good enough reason to pick Tech to win this week.  Only problem is the Wildcats went into Norman and pulled out a come-from-behind victory over the Sooners.  That’s good enough for me and the game is in Manhattan.  KS, 41-31, in an offensive slugfest.

FLORIDA ATLANTIC (-6 1/2) loses to Charlotte
Only reason I’m picking this is that the Miners have a game under their belt.  This will be the season opener for the Owls and they’ll play like it’s the first game.  CU, 28-27, in a nail biter.


MIAMI (+5 1/2) loses to Seattle
I’m on the Russell Wilson bandwagon big time.  You can talk all you want about Mahomes and Jackson but #3 is my early pick for MVP.  The Seahawks roll even though the 3,000-plus mile trip and the weather along with the 1 p.m. EDT kickoff will keep it close.  SEA, 26-21, in a monsoon.

Los Angeles Chargers (+7) loses to TAMPA BAY
Same reasoning as above as to why the Bucs will emerge victorious.  LA coming cross country and playing at 10 a.m. body time for the Chargers are big drawbacks.  Pewter Pirates are starting to hit on all cylinders but Mother Nature will slow Tom Brady and Company down.  TB, 22-17, in a game that could be delayed by lightning and I’m not talking about the hockey team.

DETROIT (+3) loses to New Orleans
Riddle me this, Batman.  Do you really believe Drew Brees will lose three-in-a-row?  I don’t but Matthew Stafford will keep it close.  NO, 30-28, with a late field goal.



South Carolina (+18) loses to FLORIDA

South Florida (+22) loses to CINCINNATI

Tulsa (+21 1/2) loses to CENTRAL FLORIDA

COASTAL CAROLNIA (+3) loses to Central Arkansas

GEORGIA (-6 1/2) loses to Auburn

Mississippi (+6) loses to KENTUCKY


Jacksonville (+2 1/2) loses to CINCINNATI

Minnesota (+3 1/2) loses to HOUSTON

Indianapolis (-2 1/2) loses to CHICAGO

DALLAS (-4 1/2) loses to Cleveland