By Leo Haggerty


Well, as they say, what goes up must come down.  Week 4 was just that.  Not a crash landing but more of a reality check so let’s get to the arithmetic, shall we?

LEO’S LOCK (4-0) continued to be unbeaten.  That put 200 greenbacks in my pocket.  LEO’S LOSERS (13-7) remained on the roller coaster and this week was the upturn with a 4-1 log.  That was good for 525 yen.  LEO’S OTHERS (22-18) was a miserable 4-6 and that cost me 600 pesos.

So, after the dust settled on Week 4, I was 9-7 and that increased my bank roll by 125 francs.  That brings my season log to a respectable 39-25 and that equates to 1,150 marks that my short term investment backer owes me.  Not a bad first quarter if I do say so myself.

The pandemic is still reeking havoc through both the NCAA and the NFL so some games may be postponed to a later date.  I’ll try and avoid those as much as possible.

So, without further adieu, here are my selections for Week 5.  A few underdogs are starting to appear so you’ll have to read on to see what dogs I believe will be barking the loudest this weekend.  Enjoy.


East Carolina (+6) loses to SOUTH FLORIDA
ECU is looking for its first win of the 2020 campaign.  South Florida is looking to stop a two-game losing streak.  A couple reasons why I’m picking the Bulls.  First, the tilt is in Tampa at Raymond James Stadium.  Second, the Green & Gold have the advantage when it comes to team speed.  Look for both to be a factor.  USF,34-17, as the Bulls get back on the victory track.



Florida (-6) loses to TEXAS A&M
The Aggies hung tough with Alabama in Tuscaloosa for over a quarter.  After A&M tied the score at 14-all the the roof fell in as the Crimson Tide put up 21 points in the second period.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that the Maroon & White put up 24 points of their own.  The Gators will score but Florida has a propensity of giving up a lot of points as well.  The game’s at College Station and that will be the difference.  A&M, 49-47, with a late score to secure the victory.

KENTUCKY (-3) loses to Mississippi State
This is simple.  First one to 45 points wins.  I believe it’ll be the Bulldogs but the Wildcats make them earn it.  MS, 45-42, with a field goal as time expires.


Jacksonville (+5 1/2) loses to HOUSTON
The Texans are the best 0-4 team in the league.  The Blue & Red are playing just well enough to lose and their four opponents so far are a combined 11-4.  The Jags won’t just roll over so look for this contest to go right down to the wire.  Home field and Deshaun Watson lead the Lone Star Guys to their first 2020 victory.  HOU, 28-23, with #4 throwing 4 TD strikes.

Miami (+9) loses to SAN FRANCISCO
49ers gave one away last week against the Eagles.  Frisco is 0-2 at Levi’s Stadium.  Anyone think they’re going 0-3 at home?  Not I.  SF, 31-13, in a rout.

Minnesota (+7) loses to SEATTLE
Only way the Vikings win this is if #3 can’t play for the Seahawks.  Right now, Wilson is on an MVP-type tear and I look for it to continue.  It’ll be close but Hawks prevail at Century Link even without the complete 12th Man.  SEA, 34-24, with Wilson throwing for four more scores.



Florida State (+20 1/2) loses to NOTRE DAME

Miami-FL (+15) loses to CLEMSON

North Carolina State (+7) loses to VIRGINIA

Duke (-1 1/2) loses to SYRACUSE

TEXAS CHRISTIAN (+9) loses to Kansas State

Temple (-3 1/2) loses to NAVY


ATLANTA (-1) loses to Carolina

Los Angeles Chargers (+8) loses to NEW ORLEANS

Indianapolis (-1) loses to CLEVELAND

WASHINGTON (+7 1/2) loses to Los Angeles Rams