Buc Up!…with Rob Kriete – OCTOBER 17

-Mike Evans shares the NFL lead in TDs with Adam Thielen of Minnesota who both have six.

-Leo Haggerty of ItsSportsMagazine.com caught up with Packer’s Head Coach, Matt LeFleur, this week to talk about their preparation for Sunday’s matchup in Tampa.

Leo: “What’s your biggest concern about the Bucs offense?”

Coach LeFleur: “I would say, offensively, anytime you have one of the greatest ever behind center, it’s always going to be a challenge. There’s not going to be anything that you can present to him that he hasn’t seen before. I think that’s always a challenge. Obviously, the skilled positions. The wide receivers, the tight ends and they got two runners. There are just so many talented players out there. You factor that together with a great scheme. Coach Arians is a guy that I have a lot of respect for, him and Byron Leftwich, for my whole career. What they have been able to accomplish over the years has been really impressive no matter who they have playing for them. It’s an aggressive style of offense and they do a great job up front. There’s a lot of challenges every time you go against a great offense like that.”

Leo: “The Tampa Bay defense is going to throw a myriad of blitzes at you. How do you prepare for that?”

Coach LeFleur: “From a defensive standpoint, it’s always a challenge. There’s a lot of variation you can see in Todd Bowles defenses. We played them a couple of years ago when I was at Tennessee. It’s such a challenge to prepare for it because there’s a lot of different looks, like you mentioned, and it’s extremely sound. I think there’s a reason that they’re giving up only 58 yards a game rushing. It’s a sound defense. He does an outstanding job. He has these players that play extremely hard. Anytime you get a bunch of good players that play extremely hard on defense, it’s going to be challenging.”

-The Green Bay Packers come to Tampa this weekend with a 4 – 0 record and a +51point differential, second in the league. The Bucs hold a +27 differential.

-Star Green Bay WR Devante Adams did practice on Friday and is expected to play on Sunday. The Bucs cornerbacks have their work cut out for them this week. Expect them to be tested throughout the game as the Bucs run defense remains formidable.

-Aaron Rodgers has thrown 13 TDs this season without throwing an interception.

-Tampa Bay outside linebacker, Jason Pierre-Paul, has gotten to the opposing team’s quarterbacks in four of the first five weeks of the 2020 season, taking his career total to 83.5. JPP’s 83.5 sacks, since entering the league in 2010, are the eighth-most in the NFL.

-Antoine Winfield continues to impress in the Bucs secondary with 30 total tackles this season, so far. That places him tied for 4th among all NFL rookies.

-Ronald Jones, or RoJo as Coach Arians refers to him, remains a standout on offense as the starting RB. Fournette and McCoy will continue to get their touches, but RoJo has never looked better while playing for the Bucs. He is making defensive players miss tackles while securing the ball.

-Back at the old Big Sombrero known as Tampa Stadium, Green Bay and Tampa Bay played in the same division with Packers fans using the game in Tampa as an annual vacation…usually tied to a win. There won’t be vacationers at RayJay Sunday, but hoping the Bucs send the Pack back to their bay with their first loss of the season.


-Prediction of the Week: Bucs 34 – Packers 31