By Leo Haggerty


The song for Week 7 is “We’re in the Money” and big time.  But, before I brag, I must explain a glitch that occurred with last week’s picks.

My final pick, LEO’S LOCK, as well as my explanations with four of my five LEO’S LOSERS, for some reason did not post.  So, because of that, you’re going to have to trust that my LEO’S LOCK was PITTSBURGH (+9 1/2) losing to Notre Dame.  I will make doubly sure that this technological error never happens again.  Or at least for this week.

LEO’S LOCK (6-1) continued to perform.  That put 200 pounds into my bank account but that was just the beginning.  LEO’S LOSERS (23-12) was an astounding 4-1.  That increased my bankroll by 675 rubles.  LEO’S OTHERS (42-28) chimed in with a 7-3 mark.  That put me 600 greenbacks in the black.

That added up to a 12-4 log for Week 7.  From the financial angle, it put 1475 francs in my pocket.  That improved my 2020 record to 71-41 and increased my winnings to 3,575 pesos.  My bookie is starting to sweat to say the least.

So, let’s get right to my Week 8 prognostications, shall we?  The explanations for my choices will be short and sweet plus I may take a few more chances.  That’s what happens when you’re playing with house money.  Enjoy.


Minnesota (+6) loses to GREEN BAY
The Packers at home against a dome Vikings team where Mother Nature will be a factor.  That’s enough for me.  GB, 31-17, in a rout.



Memphis (+6 1/2) loses to CINCINNATI
All the Bearcats do is find ways to win. I look for that trend to continue although the Tigers will put up a fight.  UC, 21-17, with a late stop to seal the deal.

VIRGINIA (+7 1/2) loses to North Carolina
The Tar Heels had a hiccup at Florida State.  That loss allowed HC Mack Brown to get their undivided attention.  UNC, 38-23, as the Heels stay in the ACC playoff picture.


MIAMI (+3 1/2) loses to Los Angeles Rams
Fitz Magic is over and the Tua Era begins in South Florida.  The opening results will not be pretty because the Rams are really good.  LAR, 35-17, with at least one Pick 6.

CINCINNATI (+7) loses to Tennessee
Would consider the home Bengals if undefeated Tennessee were not coming off a stinging last second home loss.  Cincy getting an angry Titans team at the wrong time. TEN, 27-16, with RB Derrick Henry running roughshod for over a 100 yards.

San Francisco (+3) loses to SEATTLE
Two questions.  Are the Seahawks at home?  Is #3 playing?  The answer is yes and that’s all I need to know.  SEA, 30-24, with Russell Wilson proving why he’s the leading candidate for MVP this time doing it in OT.



Missouri (+14) loses to FLORIDA

HOUSTON (+3) loses to Central Florida

Louisiana State (-1 1/2)  loses to AUBURN

Texas (+3 1/2) loses to Oklahoma State

Texas Christian (-3) loses to BAYLOR

Virginia Tech (-3 1/2) loses to LOUISVILLE


NEW YORK GIANTS (+12 1/2) loses to Tampa Bay

New England (+4) loses to BUFFALO

CHICAGO (+5) loses to New Orleans

DETROIT (+3) loses to Indianapolis