By Leo Haggerty

Now that we’re back to an almost normal sports season, we at Its Sports Magazine are going to tweak our formal just a wee bit.  So, here’s the improvements that we believe are for the better that are on horizon.

Senior Writer Rob Kriete will continue his extremely popular Game On column every Wednesday.  He will also continue posting his Buc Up article the day before all Tampa Bay contests.

There will be no change with my Monday Bulls or Tuesday Bucs Wrap Up pieces unless there is a bye week for either team during football season.  As the seasons change, column will move to cover the Lightning and the Rays along with corresponding USF sports.  Leo’s Losers will remain on Friday throughout the football season with the plan in the works to do a Point/Counterpoint opinion editorial column with Rob and myself on current controversial sports subjects.

Those are the future changes.  Here are the ones that will be occurring immediately.

I will resurrect on Thursday my Screaming from the Cheap Seats column.  Then, on Sunday, my Pontificating from the Sunshine State will reappear.

Finally, look for Its Sports Magazine to increase its coverage by including more up-close-and-personal interviews.  We will post these videos in their entirety on our Its Sports Mag TV portal on this webpage.

All of us here at ISM will continue to provide you, our devout readers, with the compelling content that you have come to expect from us.  We also are looking extend our coverage to the universal sports scene with these changes and enhancements on our website.  Enjoy.