Game On!…with Rob Kriete – NOVEMBER 4

America celebrated Election Day this week. Citizens across the country weighed the pros and cons of candidates at the federal, state and local levels on their ballots. More often than not, nowadays, voters need to sift through the political “noise” to see a clearer picture of the true candidate. While weighing the risks versus the rewards, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers elected to sign controversial wide-receiver, Antonio Brown, recently. And there has been some noise around the acquisition.

Brown was just reinstated by the NFL after serving an eight-game suspension and is currently on probation after an altercation with a delivery driver. Meanwhile, the Bucs become his 4th team in the last 20 months. There is legitimate, self-created, noise.

Sports pundits espouse that despite all this noise, the Buccaneers do not even need Antonio Brown. They argue that Tom Brady has one of, if not, the best receiving groups in the league and has had little trouble throwing TDs this season, all without Brown. With 20 thrown TDs and a 6 -2 record, the Bucs seemingly do not need the possible potential distraction on or off the field.

Yet, the Tampa Bay offense continues to evolve in 2020. Brown can become another intriguing piece that will frustrate opposing defenses. Antonio Brown is just two seasons away from catching 15 TDs. Between 2013 and 2018, Brown caught over 100 passes each season. And, though their time together in New England was short-lived, there was veritable chemistry between Brady and Brown. Reuniting in Tampa gives Tom another great, proven weapon that can lengthen a defense, open up the running game, and score touchdowns.

Antonio knows of the noise and how he got to Tampa. “I took a lot of time off from the game to re-evaluate myself, to look within, to get a better perspective of myself and working on myself within and without. To be in this position, we followed the mission, and to get back on track is what I’m here to do,” Brown said about getting another chance.

As fans, we all get to measure the pros and cons and decide if we would elect to sign Antonio Brown. For those that question if he deserves to be back in the NFL, he says, “Hopefully, I can change their perspective being here around great people [and a] great organization. Hopefully, I can win them over with my actions, how I move forward, and how I handle my business.”

Would you elect to have Antonio Brown get his Game on for your team?

Be safe, everyone.

Thank you to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the use of the photos in this story.