By Leo Haggerty


The NCAA had to cancel or postpone 11 contests this weekend due to Covid-19 concerns and there seems to be no relief in sight.  The Power 5 Conferences are to a point where they cannot reschedule any more tilts and that can reek havoc with the post season format.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the powers-that-be have to take a long and hard look at moving the conference championship games as well as bowl games along with the CFP championship to later dates.  To say the least, the television networks would not be pleased if that scenario comes to fruition.

Going to be some serious negotiations between all of the professional sports leagues and their respective players associations.  The owners want to get some major financial givebacks from the players due to dramatic revenue shortfalls caused by the pandemic.  Players NEVER want to make any financial concessions no matter what the circumstances.  Expect some extremely contentious talks that could lead to a delay in the proposed opening of the next season for the NBA and the NHL plus MLB along with the NFL.  No group will be exempt from this situation.

No one has even broached the subject of how high school sports have been effected.  Recruiting has turned into a Zoom meeting with coaches and players with no in-person campus visits. Plus, ACT and SAT College Board testing is being offered in only a few states.  Look for colleges nationwide to develop some alternative methods of acceptance for prospective student-athletes until the coronavirus has subsided.

It looks like there will be a new administration occupying the White House come January.  There could be some major court battles before that happens so stay tuned.

Finally, stay safe.