Week 12 was one of those weekends that was a prognosticator’s dream. You can’t wait to find out, correct? Without further adieu, let’s get right to it.

LEO’S LOCK (10-2) cashed in again and I would like to thank the Jets for doing what they do best and that’s lose which added 200 pesos to my bank account. LEO’S LOSERS (38-22) was a perfect 5-0 and that was good for 875 greenbacks. LEO’S OTHERS (74-46) was a very respectable 6-4 with four dogs coming through and that put me 700 yen in the black.

That brought my Week 12 log to an excellent 12-4 and that computed to (drum roll please) 1,775 pounds. This result had my short term investment banker in tears.

After 12 weeks, here are the damages; My record is 123-69 and that brings my winnings to a whopping 7,050 shekels (money in Israel) and that’s a great total if I do say so myself.

Well, let’s not waste time gloating and get right to Week 13. Will it be lucky or unlucky? Check out my picks below and you make that decision.

Just a reminder that I reserve the right to make changes if games are postponed at the last minute. Enjoy.


Washington (+7) loses to PITTSBURGH
Here’s the surprise. The Jets aren’t my LOCK but you will see them later for sure. The Steelers are just too good on offense and really good on defense for the Capital Gang. PIT, 38-13, in a rout.



AUBURN (+5 1/2) loses to Texas A&M
The Aggies needs some help to get to the College Football Playoffs. It’s a longshot but it all starts with winning out and that starts by beating the Tigers on the road. A tough task but Jimbo Fisher’s crew finds a way to get it done. A&M, 31-28, with a late field goal to seal the deal.

Penn State (-11 1/2) loses to RUTGERS
Upset special here. HC Greg Schiano has the Scarlet Knights believing. RUT, 31-30, with a late stop by the Jersey guys.

Arkansas (+2 1/2) loses to MISSOURI
Going with the home team here. Plus, the Tigers coming off a big win last week. MIS, 35-24, as the Tigers win their fifth game of the campaign.


NEW YORK JETS (+8) loses to Las Vegas
Raiders have to travel east again but that’s not enough to effect the outcome. LV, 27-13, that keeps the Skull & Crossbones in the playoff hunt and NY with the first pick in the 2021 draft.

Cleveland (+5 1/2) loses to TENNESSEE
Anybody want to go against Derrick Henry in December? Not me. TEN, 31-21, as #22 rolls up 100+ yards and a couple of scores on the ground.



TULANE (-3) loses to Memphis

Texas (-7 1/2) loses to KANSAS STATE

VIRGINIA (- 3 1/2) loses to Boston College

TENNESSEE (+17 1/2) loses to Florida

DUKE (+14 1/2) loses to Miami-FL


Cincinnati (+10 1/2) loses to MIAMI

Jacksonville (+10) loses to MINNESOTA

Indianapolis (-3) loses to HOUSTON

Philadelphia (+9) loses to GREEN BAY

Dallas (+7 1/2) loses to BALTIMORE