Memo to the College Football Playoff Committee. You have one job and that’s to select the four best college football teams to compete for the opportunity to be crowned the 2020 Division I champion.

With that being said, it would behoove all of the 13 committee members to make sure their DVR is working. That’s because they are going to have to make some hard decisions on who is in and who is out. That means they’re all going to have to watch a plethora of games over the next two weekends.

Even before that, the Committee is going to have to make a serious determination. Those 13 people are going to have to decide whether Ohio State, who at the present time has only played five games, deserves not to be one of the four finalists but just be in the conversation.

From where I sit, you cannot reward a team that has five or six less games than other teams. That would not only set a bad precedent but also tell teams that your yearly body of work means nothing. It’s sending the message that the decision is made before the season even starts.

I know your on the edge of your seat

waiting for the four teams I would chose if I were on the Committee. Well, here it is and I have a couple of scenarios.

The easiest one is if Florida wins the Southeastern Conference championship and Clemson claims the top prize in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Then my quartet is Clemson, Florida, Notre Dame and Alabama. Easy choice, right?

It gets complicated only if one of these two things happen. First, if Alabama wins the SEC, I would lean toward replacing Florida with a one-loss Texas A&M squad especially since the Aggies beat the Gators earlier this season.

Second, if Notre Dame wins the ACC, now it gets tricky because who replaces Clemson? Do you take a potentially undefeated Ohio State with, at the most, seven victories over a not Power 5 Cincinnati team with potentially a 10-0 slate?

My call would be sorry Buckeyes. No invite if I have a vote but let’s see if the Committee has the intestinal fortitude to do that.

Sadly, I don’t think they do that. So look for Alabama and Notre Dame and Clemson and Ohio State to be the four battling to get to the top of the NCAA championship mountain as the Committee succumbs to the pressure of TV.

Look for my prediction on who takes home the gold after Christmas. Until then, stay safe please.