The first time I walked into my old elementary school as an adult,

Public School 115 on the south end of Brooklyn, every hallway seemed narrower, every classroom smaller, and even the building seemed shorter. Of course, as kids, everything seems bigger and better. As we get older, we see things to scale better and generally see things how they actually are.

The NFC East also seemed bigger and better when I was a kid. The National Football League’s premier division of powerhouse teams, vying annually to represent as Super Bowl contenders, was commonly believed to be the best division in professional sports. The NFC East has a long history of being geographically inaccurate, with Dallas included (and the Cardinals in the division, as well, for years), but along with the illogical compilation of teams came the prestige of toughness and greatness.

But, alas, the NFC East seems narrower, smaller, and shorter nowadays. With only 16 total wins in the division, the NFC Least is five wins behind the next worst division. Nine of the 16 wins are divisional wins, as well, where one of these teams has to win (or at least most of the time). It took the two leading teams, the NY Giants and the Washington Team, to ride recent win streaks to manage 5 – 7 current records. The playoff representative from the NFC East will most likely have a losing record.

The Washington Football team is the only one with a positive point differential, only by four points. The Dallas Cowboys, however, have already given up 125 more points than they have scored. The NFC East may have been legendary when laserdiscs were a thing, but in 2020, they are the doormat.

Divisional football is tough across the National Football League.

These match-ups are tight regardless of team records. The presumptive best-division in football to many NFL fans has fallen on tough times. As we get older, we see things to scale better and generally see things how they actually are.

But, which is the best division in the NFL, now?

Let me know what you think until we get our next Game On!

Be safe, everyone.