Well, the law of averages caught up to me in Week 13. Though, not quite as bad as it could have been.

LEO’S LOCK (10-3) failed for the first time in a long time when the Steelers forgot to play the second half losing to Washington. That misstep cost me 400 rubles. LEO’S LOSERS (41-24) was a respectable 3-2 but only added 25 liras to my bank roll. That could have been worst if the Jets could have found a way to stop the Hail Mary on the last play but that’s why they are the Jets. LEO’S OTHERS (80-50) posted a 6-4 weekend and that led to an increase of 300 rubles. That’s the good news but the bad news is that it wasn’t enough to offset that big loss at the top.

When the dust cleared after Week 13, the arithmetic showed a 9-7 log. Because it was the wrong seven, I had to give back to my short term investment banker 75 continentals.

So, after 13 weeks, my cumulative record is 132-76. That equates to, even after a negative weekend, 6,975 Sing dollars (money in Singapore) in the black.

As you will see below, I’m taking a few more chances this weekend. Going with a few more dogs to see if I can make a big splash.

Hey, you can do that when you’re playing with house money, right? Enjoy.


Washington (+3) loses to SAN FRANCISCO
This is really tough. My heart says how can you not pull for Alex Smith after all he’s been through. My head says the DC bunch has a short week to prepare and has to go to the Left Coast. Going with my head. SF, 24-23, with a late stop to keep the 49ers faint playoff hopes alive.



North Carolina (+3) loses to MIAMI-FL
Hurricanes need a win to lock up an invite to a New Years 6 bowl game. Tar Heels need a win just to get considered for post season play. Canes at home and their team speed for give Carolina fits on both sides of the football. MIA, 31-23, then look for the Orange Bowl to come calling.

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA-LOS ANGELES (+2 1/2) loses to Southern California
Don’t look now but the Trojans are 4-0. The Men of Troy can win out and become the PAC 12 champs at 6-0. Are they in the discussion for a spot in the CFP? With that in mind, look for a big effort from the Cardinal & Gold. The Bruins won’t go without a fight. USC, 38-35, with a field goal as time expires.


MIAMI (+7) loses to Kansas City
Got to admire what the Fish have done this season. Nobody, including me, expected the Dolphins to be a legitimate playoff contender. That’s the good news. Bad news is the Chiefs come calling and the only time QB Patrick Mahomes doesn’t score is during the National Anthem. KC. 48-20, as the Red & Gold flourish in the warm South Florida weather.

JACKSONVILLE (+7 1/2) loses to Tennessee
Would you want to play the Titans after they were just embarrassed at home the week before? I wouldn’t and I don’t think the Jags are relishing it either. TEN, 33-17, as the Nashville Crew get back in the playoff hunt.

Minnesota (+6 1/2) loses to TAMPA BAY
Must win for both teams First playoff tiebreaker is head to head contests and both squads could end up tied at the end of the regular season. Bucs have an edge being at home and Brady finds a way to win in December. TB, 27-16, as the Pewter Pirates hold RB Dalvin Cook to less than 50 yards rushing,



Louisiana State (+23) loses to FLORIDA

FLORIDA STATE (-5) loses to Duke

ARMY (-7) loses to Navy

Wisconsin (-1 1/2) loses to IOWA

LOUISVILLE (-1) loses to Wake Forest


NEW YORK GIANTS (+2 1/2) loses to Arizona

CHICAGO (+1) loses to Houston

New Orleans (-6 1/2) loses to PHILADELPHIA

DETROIT (+7 1/2) loses to Green Bay

Baltimore (-2 1/2) loses to CLEVELAND