OK, the worst possible scenario could transpire for the NCAA as it applies to the College Football Playoffs. Let me take you through a step by step process that has the CFP Committee scared to death.

The first shoe dropped last night when Florida lost to LSU at home 37-34. That means that the Southeastern Conference championship game will feature a 10-0 Alabama squad taking on the 8-2 Gators.

If the Crimson Tide wins, then the Tuscaloosa Gang will go in as the top seed in the CFP. If Florida wins, then the SEC will have a two loss champion with the Lizards at 9-2. Big problem.

Now, let’s jump over to the Atlantic Coast conference. If Notre Dame wins, the Irish will either be seeded number one, depending on the outcome of the SEC tilt, or no lower than number two. If Clemson is victorious, the Tigers will have to wait until the dust settles at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta to see if the Orange & Purple are ranked one or two.

So, let’s break this down, shall we?

If UA and ND win, that opens the door for Ohio State and Southern Cal to make a case if they win the Big Ten and PAC 12 championships respectively. That would keep the Buckeyes and the Trojans who would both go undefeated alive albeit only a 6-0 log for both.

Now, if either one of them stumble, does that put a possible undefeated but not Power Five program like Cincinnati or Coastal Carolina in the conversation? Don’t expect that to happen under any circumstances just because TV wants no part of a Cinderella story in the CFP. They want national brands, period.

If Bama and CU end up on the left side of the dash when the final gun goes off, now it gets interesting. Do the Golden Domers remain in the mix with just one blemish and that being to the #2 team in the country? Does Texas A&M, with one loss to the Crimson Tide, make a case for inclusion? Does the winner of the Big 12 championship between Iowa State and Oklahoma start making some noise especially if UF wins?

As you can see,

it’s a quagmire no matter how Championship Weekend plays out. Here’s what I believe will occur.

Alabama wins and they’re the #1 seed. Clemson is victorious and they secure the number 2 slot. Three should be Texas A&M but I think Ohio State on reputation comes in the back door for the #3 position. The final invitee will be Notre Dame.

I can’t guarantee those results. What I can tell you is it will be an exciting weekend of college football Covid-19 permitting.

All that’s left to do is to park in front of the television set and let this play out. That’s where I’ll be and you need to be there as well. Enjoy.