By Leo Haggerty


I will be adding to this column later but I wanted to get my picks out there before kickoff so here it goes.  Enjoy.

Notre Dame (+19 1/2) loses to Alabama
I truly believe that this game is going to be much closer than everyone thinks.  Yes, when the dust settles, the Crimson Tide will move on but the Irish will make it interesting and close.  ALA, 34-27, with a late score and stop.

Ohio State (+7 1/2) loses to Clemson
As long as #16 is running the offense for the Tigers, I got to go with Clemson.  Lawrence is the best player in college football and the guys around him are really good too.  Plus, the Mad Scientist, DC Brent Venables, has had time to prepare and that is never good for the opposition.  The Buckeyes will make a game of it but wilt in the fourth quarter.  CU, 42-23, as the Tigers move on.

Yes, I’m picking the favorites.  Catch my finals predicion next week.