By Leo Haggerty


Well, ladies and gentlemen, the 2020 regular season for the National Football League and the NCAA has come to close.  A lot of surprises especially with games having to be rescheduled with the NFL or cancelled completely on the collegiate level.  To say it was not business as usual is an understatement of epic proportion.

The pandemic truly reeked havoc with the 2020 football season on all levels from Pop Warner to the pros.  Still, some teams and programs were able to persevere and made it to the finish line.  Some had to navigate a path that was not the same as others as they struggled to complete a season that started on different dates depending on your conference affiliation.

After much consternation, we have finally make it to the second season.  The NFL playoffs start Saturday and the College Football Playoff Championship contest will be Monday.

Normally, I do a “Let’s Go Bowling” column but with teams opting out and bowl games having to be cancelled completely, I felt that was not appropriate for this year.  Hopefully, that can return in 2021 when Covid finally exists.

So, without further adieu, let’s see how Week 17 played out.  Also, let’s do the arithmetic and see how I fared with my short term investment banker for the 2020 campaign.

LEO’S LOCK (13-4) culminated the year on a winning note and that was good for 200 Continentals.  LEO’S LOSERS (56-29) finished the year with an outstanding 4-1 week and that added 675 liras to my bank account.  LEO’S OTHERS (103-67) ended with a stellar 8-2 count and that increased my winnings by 900 yen.

After the dust cleared on Week 17, I finished strong with a 13-3 log and that computed to a whopping increase of 1,775 pounds in my pocket.  That tremendous final week pushed my 2020 ledger to 173-99 and that put my winnings at 9,475 dollars.  I’ll take that any day of the week.

That number has my “bookie” beside himself.  May have to look for a new “source” for Leo’s Losers next year.

With the Bucs scheduled to play on Saturday, look for Rob Kriete’s “Buc Up” column on Friday.  Because of that change, I will take a stab at the pros with a “Leo’s Losers Playoffs” post.  Until then, stay safe.