By Leo Haggerty


If you thought that sports was starting to turn the corner and come out of the pandemic, think again.  Here’s three examples of Covid-19 continuing to reek havoc with schedule makers on the collegiate as well as the professional level.

Let’s look at NCAA Men’s Basketball first and this weekend was a Greek tragedy. On Friday, nine games we’re cancelled or postponed.  Moving to Saturday, the plug was pulled on 23 contests.  Today, four tilts have already been shelved.

Jumping over to the NCAA Women’s schedule, it gets worse.  A dozen encounters were not played on Friday.  On Saturday, 26 games had to be put on hold.  As of 4 pm EST on Sunday, 17 hoops matchups will not be played and that number will most likely increase before the dust settles.

If you do the math, as you always should, that equates to a three day total of 93 collegiate roundball contests that were not played.  In no way is that a good look for the NCAA in any circumstances.

Let’s jump over to the National Hockey League.  The good news is that the NHL only had to reschedule 10 contests.  The bad news is that the schedule changes took place on the third day of the regular season.  That jumps the concern level from bad to worse in a heartbeat..

If this continues, and I have no reason to believe that it won’t, the bigwigs in any sports entity that’s playing or contemplating initiating games will have to make a hard decision.  Is the risk of someone getting violently or, God forbid, deathly ill due to the coronavirus worth the reward of crowning a champion?

My advice to any of the decision makers is simple.  Choose wisely because, if you’re wrong, the ramifications will not go away in the foreseeable future.

You need to be right because people’s lives are depending on it.  Stay safe.