Game On!…with Rob Kriete – JANUARY 20

“Good luck” has become a commonplace blessing or wishing for good outcomes we bestow upon each other. Luck, though, is merely the name we give to the probability of things beyond our control. When “bad luck” becomes perennial for some franchises, sports fans speak of “curses” and the like.

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However, in this writer’s opinion, we can create our luck more often than not, much like professional coaches relentlessly strategizing ways to put their players in positions to be successful. The New York Mets seem to create a lot of luck annually, and it is almost always bad.

This week, the MLB team from Queens had to fire their recently hired general manager, Jared Porter, after ESPN reported details of inappropriate texts he sent to a woman. Last season, they fired their newly hired manager, Carlos Beltran, after details of his role in the Astros cheating scandal emerged. Beltran never managed a game for the 2020 club, and Porter was on the job for whatever a fortnight is. In both circumstances, the Mets failed to ascertain the necessary information on these crucial, front-facing hires. It seems ironic that while we live in what some call the “information era,” we seem deprived of it almost everywhere. Clearly, the Mets couldn’t find the right information.

The Mets franchise has endured an excessive number of career-ending injuries from key players over the years, but they often create bad luck with their decision-making processes. Steve Cohen, new Mets owner, and devoted fan, acted swiftly in Porter’s firing this week. He contends that he will turn the team around. There is a joke that goes something like this; New York has seven professional sports teams and the Mets! Creating “good luck” for a “bad luck” franchise begins with using accurate information to make sound decisions. By doing this, Steve Cohen can put the Mets in the best position to be successful.

Good luck.

Best wishes.

May the force be with you.

Game on!

Be safe, everyone.