By Leo Haggerty


Big news.  Our ISM TV section of the website is fully operational.

We ran basically a “pilot” with former Bucs FB Mike Alstott.  We wanted to see what we did good and what we needed to improve upon.  It was a good interview but what we are striving for is GREAT.

Well, we think we have all the bugs out.  So with that being said, let me direct you to the IT’S SPORTS MAG TV portion of this website for our GREAT interview with Tampa Bay media legend Ira Kaufman.

Ira has been a fixture in the Tampa Bay professional football community for almost 30 years.  He’s seen the full Clint Eastwood side of the Buccaneers and that’s the good and the bad and the ugly.

So, go grab a bowl of your favorite snack and a beverage of your choice and get comfortable.  Ira’s the consummate story teller so get ready for 30 minutes of entertaining conversation with the voting representative for Tampa Bay on the Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee.  Enjoy.