By Leo Haggerty


You would think that Major League Baseball, after the black eye it received when Jason Turner was allowed to play a majority of Game 6 of the World Series after a positive Covid test, couldn’t look any worse.  Well, MLB managed to trump that faux pas with a bigger error.

There will be no inductees into the Baseball Hall of Fame for 2021.  The Baseball Writers’ Assciation of America, who are responsible for selection process, did not have any player reach the 75% threshold of the ballots cast by eligible members.  No problem so far, right?

I can understand why the BBWAA have denied entry into the Hall of Fame to OF Barry Bonds and SP Roger Clemens.  Although neither of them officially tested positive for steroids, there enough eveidence that suggested both used some sort of Performance Enhancing Drugs.  Throw Pete Rose in as well for gambling on games.  Still good, correct?

Well, here’s where the Hall of Fame voters dropped the ball.  They chose to not enshrine RP Curt Schilling.  Why is that a mistake. you ask?

During the regular season, Schilling fashioned a 216-146 record for five different franchises over his 20 year career.  He compiled a 3.46 Earned Run Average during his time in The Show.  Border line Hall of Fame stats I must admit.

What puts 6’4″ flamethrower over the top is what he accomplished in the post season.  His 11-2 won loss log with a 2.23 ERA in 19 starts is phenomenal.  That equated to three World Series titles and a Co-MVP award in 2001.  If Reggie Jackson was Mr. October for hitters then Kurt Schilling was Mr. October for pitchers.

So what’s keeping one of the only 11 players born in the state of Alaska from going Cooperstown?  Let me give you my humble opinion.

I believe the reason #38 hasn’t been elected is because of his political views.  If that’s the case, ANY member of the BBWAA who used that as a criteria needs to give up their voting privIleges immediately and here’s why.

The only, and I mean only, relevant facts that voters should even concern themselves with are ones that are baseball in nature.  What happened on the diamond and in the locker room need to be the only criteria that voters take into consideration.

If you believe that a person’s character should come into play, I totally disagree.  We’re not talking about the Boy Scout Hall of Fame here because, if that were the case, you would have to throw out Ty Cobb for alleged racist activities.

Memo to he BBWAA. Start looking at the player record of any possible inductee.  That’s all that matters and, if you can’t do that, either give up your vote or completely revamp the rules.