By Leo Haggerty


Let me make sure everyone is crystal clear on what I am saying in this article.  I don’t want anyone to walk away misconstrued about what salient points I am trying to make.

If you go to the picture at the top of my column, you will see that the individuals who have been photographed are wearing masks.  I am 100% in favor of the policy that everyone needs to be masked when out in the general public.  No argument from me when it comes to that regulation.

Where I do have a question pertains to the field of athletic endeavor.  My query is why are coaches required to wear masks during a game?  I feel there needs to be an explanation and here’s why.

The commonly accepted response would be for their safety and the safety of their players.  Seems like a logical assumption, correct?

Well, here’s where I have to wonder why.  If the only people the coach will come in contact with are players and officials that have all been tested and the results were negative, why is this a concern is a question that begs to be asked?

With that being said, let me put forth my hypothesis as to why this mandate is in place.  Trust me, it’s not going to be pretty for those that are in charge.

First, let’s examine the facts as we know the.  The collegiate and professional sports leagues are extremely adamant about coaches wearing masks to the point of large fines and suspensions.  I believe the reason for that is that they don’t trust the Covid testing results they are currently receiving.  Why else would coaches, when they are working in supposedly a controlled environment, need to be protected?

That’s because, in this scribe’s humble opinion, they don’t trust their testing apparatus.  They are satisfied when it comes back positive but, on way too many occasions, there is concern about the testing when it comes back negative.  The must have some serious reservations about the results they’re getting to force coaches to mask up yet let players compete maskless.

Why else would the powers that be in the upper echelons of the college and professional game be so demanding of the coaching staffs as it pertains to wearing masks during games?  I can’t come up with a better scenario than they don’t fully trust the coronavirus results they’re getting.

Do you have a better explanation?  If you do, email me because I sure as heck don’t.