By Leo Haggerty


We’re back at it today with a couple more interviews and pictures of those individuals as well.  Enjoy.


ISM : When you’re playing the Buccaneers, it looks like a basketball team out there.  You have Evans and Gronkowski and Brate.  Chris Godwin is the midget at 6’2″ and then they throw Antonio Brown into the mix.  Are there some real matchup problems with their big guys as well as their fast guys?

Sam Madison : Well, they spread you out.  That’s one of the things that Tom is able to do.  Coach Arians, you know, gives him the keys to the car.  Like, OK, just put it in drive.  If you need to go in reverse to do some things or neutral to figure things out, he’s able to do those things.  Just like you said, they have big guys that are 6’6′ and 6’7 at tight end as well as at the wide receiver position.  Then, you have smaller guys at 5’9′ and 5’10” that they mix into the middle and try to manipulate on the linebackers.  So, a lot of different things.  Over the last couple of weeks, looking at Tampa Bay, it looks like they found a recipe that works for them.  They do a lot of mixing and matching that just depends on the game flow.  Tom has a very good IQ of how it’s going and he has his recommendations that he’s able to go and give to the coaching staff and then they come out with something else. We just have to be on our P’s and Q’s and know where all of these guys are. We have to go out there and compete every play and every down.  You’re going to have to give 100%.  No plays off.  You’re not going to be able to take any plays off.  Brady’s been in these games numerous times.  He knows how to manage these games.  He knows what it takes to get through the little small nuances of it.  Those of the things that we are going to, as well, be able to figure out.  It’s a cat and mouse game.  Jus being able to figure those things out like how Tom is try to attack us early and understanding that he’s going to switch it up late.  It’s going to be fun and that’s why these two teams are in the championship game as of right now.  We’ll just have to figure out who has the best pieces of the puzzle and who can put it all together the fastest.


ISM : The hardest thing to assimilate is how fast a guy is on film.  Is it an advantage to you now knowing how fast the Kansas City receivers are now that you already played them?

Carlton Davis : Yeah, I guess you can call it an advantage.  Yes, and you’re right about that, seeing a guy on film and seeing him in person is totally different.  The fact that we played them already gives us a good look at what we are going up against.  So, that is an advantage.