By Leo Haggerty


With kickoff for Super Bowl LV exactly four hours away, the anticipation is starting to build.  Just check out any social media site and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  It’s exploding with rabid fans for the visiting Kansas City Chiefs and, the literally and figuratively, homestanding Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Before you get to our final pre Super Bowl LV post, I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize all the members of the ISM staff that made this week possible. Without Senior Writer Rob Kriete along with photo journalists Steve Jacobson and Trace Crisp plus Matt Crisp, this would not have been possible.  Thanks, guys, for going above and beyond the call of duty to bring to our readers the “Sights and Sounds of Super Bowl LV” right here in our Florida home town of Tampa.

Also, a big thank you to Publisher Jeffrey Neil Fox who gave up his credential.  He stayed behind to do a scheduled Zoom interview with Tampa’s own Fan Hall of Famer Big Nasty.  Thanks, JNF, for taking one for the team and check out his one on one with BN on this website.

So, with that being said, let’s tie up Super Bowl Week by asking the following question of two of the youngest members of the Pewter Pirates defense.  Enjoy

ISM : I asked Warren Sapp in San Diego before the Bucs won the Super Bowl to describe, in one word, what winning the Super Bowl would be.  He said “immortality” immediately.  Would that be your word or would you have another word and why?



Antoine Winfield Jr. at the Super Bowl

I feel like one word would not even be able to describe winning the Super Bowl.  It’s so hard to get here and it’s hard to think of one word that would describe how I would feel winning the Super Bowl.  I would go with excitement.  Pure excitement and joy.  I’ll go with joy.


Jerome Whitehead at the Super Bowl

Winning the Super Bowl, I would use blessed.  I mean, since I was five years old and started playing football, the only thing you would think about is the Super Bowl.  Being in championships, this is the highlight.  The biggest it gets on this level is the Super Bowl.  I would say blessed because not everybody gets this opportunity.  A  lot of things have to be right for this to happen.  I say blessed because it’s in God’s hands.  You can’t do it without God.  There’s a lot of obstacles in the way.  It’s just once in a lifetime.