By Leo Haggerty


Memo to Adam Silver.  The Commissioner of the National Basketball Association needs to quickly have a chat with a couple of his superstars and it’s not over on the court activities.

The first player “The Commiss” needs to have a serious discussion with is Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving.  The crazy thing is that this is about the league’s logo.

Irving, along with some others “Association” players and fans, are lobbying to have the NBA change their logo.  They want to replace the likeness of legendary star Jerry West with with the image of Kobe Bryant.

I don’t disagree with Irving’s reasoning.  It’s a legitimate point of discussion.  What I do disagree with, and I believe a majority of individuals who are interested in this issue, is his verbiage.

Irving’s argument is supported by numerous others including Bryant’s widow Vanessa.  Even West himself agrees that a change should be in order but not necessarily to the likeness of Bryant.

West believes that the logo should be a silhouette of Michael Jordan.  As West so aptly put it when he said in 2015 that MJ was “the greatest player I have ever seen.”  That’s enough for me.

That’s how you go about getting the logo change.  Irving, in an Instagram post on Wednesday, tweeted a modified NBA logo featuring Bryant.  No problem so far.

The problem started when he added the following, and I quote, “Gotta happen, idc (I don’t care) what anyone says.  BLACK KINGS BUILT THE LEAGUE.”  I don’t think that’s totally correct.

That last sentence is what Silver needs to have a heart-to-heart with Irving.  Although black players have been an integral part of the recent NBA, that was not the case in the 1960 when the NBA WAS built.

This is NOT a racial issue and the fact that Irving is making it one is just flat out wrong.  If the NBA wants to change the logo, they couldn’t pick two better players to immortalize than Jordan or Bryant as their new logo.  Not because they are black but because they were one of the best.

The other person Silver needs to have a word with is Lebron James.  This issue deals with attire.

Silver needs to emphasize to “King James” that a picture says a thousand words.  When he goes on a Zoom call, as a representative of the Los Angeles Lakers as well as the NBA and he was shirtless, that sent the wrong message to fans worldwide.

Now, in the defense of James, he has not been the only player to go in front of a Zoom call bare chested.  He is, though, the “face of the NBA” and Silver needs to reiterate that point.

If I were Silver, I would bring up the fact did Michael Jordan ever do a post game interview with no shirt on?  He should go even farther by saying would MJ have ever stepped in front of camera following a game without wearing a suit?

Sadly, it’s all about perception and, right now, the NBA has an image problem  Silver needs to handle that in a hurry before fans, or even worse, and sponsors decide to turn to something else.