By Leo Haggerty


More and more states are starting to roll back their Covid restrictions in the wake successful results from several vaccines.  The big question that begs to be asked is are we moving too soon in an attempt to return to normal?

I believe that the first thing people need to embrace is that going back to normal may be something that no longer exists.  Here’s why I say this.

It looks like everyone will be “encouraged” to continue wearing masks as well as social distancing for at least another 12 to 18 months.  Whether we like this policy or not, it will slow it down the spread of the coronavirus and that’s the main goal.

Also, with the vaccine program now in full swing, more and more Americans are being inoculated.  This will help as well as the fact that we are getting to the point where “herd immunity” is a realistic possibility.

Finally, a great many people have contracted Covid but have been completely asymptomatic and I have been one of those individuals.  This allows for hospitals to use their “convalescent plasma” that contains the Covid antibodies to treat patients that have contracted the virus.

With all that being said, from a strictly sports standpoint, I believe it’s time to “safely” open up athletic participation as well venues for fan attendance gradually.  Continue to keep the protocols in place but move forward so that youth and high school along with college plus professional athletic events can be played as well as attended with a reasonable degree of safety.

As a friend of mine has stated, “We have to be able to get back to living our lives.”  I don’t disagree with that one iota.  Just let’s be smart about it.

Stay safe everyone!