By Leo Haggerty


After the first two rounds of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, we have to change the name from March Madness to March Craziness.  Hey, during the pandemic, did anyone expect anything different?  I sure as heck did not.

After the first weekend of tournament games, there’s a lot of people with busted brackets and here’s why.  Going into the Sweet 16 contests, there are four double digit seeds still in the Big Dance. Oral Roberts (a 15 seed) and Oregon State (a 12 seed) along with UCLA (an 11 seed) along with Syracuse (another 11 seed).  Add to that Loyola-Chicago (an 8 seed) who knocked off top seeded Illinois and you have five of the 16 participants that not a lot of the so-called experts expected to still be in Indianapolis for the second weekend of play.

Now, let me ask you the big question.  How many of you still have the entire quartet of teams you picked to make The Final Four still intact?  I have three of four still alive (Gonzaga and Baylor and Michigan) with the Zags beating the Bears in the finals.

So, get all your weekend chores out of the way during the week so you can settle into you easy chair and enjoys two days of exciting college basketball.  I know I will.