By Leo Haggerty


Just when you thought the NCAA had reached the pinnacle of stupidity, the Indianapolis based group raises the dumb bar even higher.  So what did the Board of Governors for this august group do now, you ask?  Well, let me enlighten you, my loyal readers.

Earlier, this week, the regulatory group for college athletics in the United States released a statement as it applies to transgender athletes.  It stated that it, and I quote, “firmly and unequivocally supports the opportunity for transgender student-athletes to compete in college sports.”

The NCAA also made it known what would be done to states that have passed legislation banning transgender athletes from competing.  Any championship event in a location that isn’t “free of discrimination” will not be held and moved to another location.

Finally, the hierarchy of college sports declared that their policy for transgender athletes, which requires testosterone suppression treatment for women to compete in women’s sports, is appropriate.  They believe, and again I quote, that “inclusion and fairness can coexist for all student-athletes, including transgender athletes, at all levels of sport”

I can only scratch my head and go does anyone have a clue up in Indy?  Then, I remembered that this is the same group that thought a couple of dumbbells and some yoga mats constituted a weight room at the Women’s Basketball Tournament in San Antonio.  Not the sharpest tools in the shed for sure.

First, the NCAA has a hard enough time trying to have people believe the notion that there is equality between the men’s and women’s sports. That fallacy was painfully brought to the forefront by the obvious inequities in the basketball tournament with the aforementioned weight room as well as the food along with the gift bags.  The worst part is the discrepancies were obvious and almost a blatant disregard for the women’s team that made it to the tournament and no one at the NCAA headquarters spoke up.

Then, matters became much worst.  It was reported that at the volleyball tournament the participating women’s teams weren’t even provided locker rooms. Are you kidding me?

So, as a father of a former collegiate women’s gymnastics student-athlete, I am appalled that the NCAA doesn’t see how this will play out.  I don’t care what suppressive treatment you give to a man who is becoming a woman.  That’s still a man’s body going up against women and that’s not an even playing field.

Just think what will happen when a transgender athlete’s team wins a women’s championship.  You can bet the mortgage that the parents of the female athletes that had the victory taken from them by a man or men masquerading as women, and you know that the exact verbiage that will be used, will have a lot to say in the media and possibly in the courts.

All the NCAA needed to do, as Green Bay Packers quarterback and substitute Jeopardy host Aaron Rodgers suggested, was “relax.”  Take a deep breath and see where this goes instead of “pulling an MLB” by jumping the gun.

Finally, memo to the NCAA.  Most of the time it’s better to not say anything and have people think you’re stupid than to say something and have people know you’re stupid