By Leo Haggerty & Rob Kriete


Brooklyn, I know this will come as a shock to you, but I am for Major League Baseball adopting the universal designated hitter.  What may surprise you is my suggestion on how it should be implemented.

The Big Leagues are the ONLY athletic organization in the world that operates under two distinctly set of rules and its been going on since 1973.  That’s when the American League adopted the DH while the National League chose to stick with the status quo.   Buddy, isn’t that before you were born?  Just asking.

It’s time for MLB to do one of two things.  Either get rid of the DH or make the DH accessible for all teams.

Big Apple Guy, my suggestion is to make the DH universal throughout MLB but I would add a caveat to make it palatable for purist like yourself.  Yes to the DH but ONLY if both leagues agree to have the pitcher bat as well.

Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you when I say let’s bat 10 people through the lineup.  That way, if the pitcher decides to go headhunting, as some AL hurlers have been accused of doing over 48 season, they’ll have to “face the music” when the step into the batters box.

So, I can’t wait to see where you stand on this issue.  The ball, or should I say the bat, is in your court.

Low Ball, I can’t believe that you, an old-school baseball fan, is in favor of the universal DH. Where is your sense of tradition? The Senior Circuit is the only professional league that plays the game the way it was intended to be played, with all players on the field also in the lineup.

The veritable softball-league rules of the American League may produce more runs, but not superior baseball. The use of the designated hitter removes strategy from the great game of baseball. Managing pitchers is much more challenging in the National League. When was the last time there was a double-switch in the American League?

And, if you don’t know why or what a double-switch is used for, don’t worry, it is going the way of the dinosaur if MLB allows the universal DH.

Another thing, Low Ball, has MLB considered how the DH contributes to longer games with more offense? Perhaps in their neverending pursuit of finding ways to shorten the game, MLB should look at maintaining the game as it was designed!

Get outta here with that 10 batter idea, Low Ball. Now you really want a softball league. How about the 100th guy through the turnstiles gets to bat 11th?

We can agree, though, that when a pitcher gets to bat in a game, it forces him to stand in the box and face the proverbial music. Hitting opposing batters is given some pause when justice can be served, no?

But, let’s channel our inner traditionist and insist on no DH in NL! Baseball fans deserve at least one of the two leagues playing the game correctly. Stick to softball, Low Ball!