By Leo Haggerty


NFL Draft

Because of the National Football League Draft starting on Thursday, we called an audible here at Its Sports Magazine.  Normally, we post our YOU TALKIN’ TO ME column on Saturday but, with our topic being the grading of the Buccaneers first three draft selections, we chose to rearrange the schedule after I got a chance to talk with first round pick Joe Tryon along with Bucs General Manager Jason Light.

Below is my question to both of them.  Please pay particular attention to the response by the University of Washington defensive end/outside linebacker.  It will tell you how elated he is to be coming to Tampa Bay.

LH : With Joe choosing to opt out of the 2020 season, did you have to go back and talk to people at Washington especially Coach Petersen a little more than you normally would because you didn’t have film?

JL : We talked to a lot of people there so we felt very comfortable with what we had.  The information that we had.  We couldn’t find anything negative about Joe as a person.  He’ll be a quality person to add to this locker room.  He’s going to add and not take away.  We were very comfortable with all the legwork that our scouts did and our coaches.  They do a phenomenal job.  Our hats go off to them especially this year with the restrictions that we had.  They went the extra mile.  I feel very confident about our group of scouts and what they do.

LH : You’re going to get a chance to go against the GOAT every practice.  Are you looking forward to going up against Tom Brady?

JT : (A BIG smile came across his face as I was asking this question)  Most definitely.  Being around greatness really motivates me.  I just can’t wait to get into that locker room.  Like I said, soak it all in.  I’m just looking to getting in there and doing my part.,

I want to thank the University of Washington for providing the photos for this article.  Also, a special shout out to photo journalist Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures who took these great action shots.  Great work with the glass, Scott.