By Leo Haggerty


Normally, I get a chance to ask one question, over a four-game sequence, of players and coaches.  Talked directly to rookie Forward Alex Barre-Boulet along with Coach Jon Cooper and that deserves special notation.

Why, you ask?  Let me take a moment to explain.

Because I was permitted to ask these questions is great but I was allowed to take the next step.  I attended my first in-person game when the Bolts defeated the Blue Jackets in overtime.  Also, the back-and-forth conversation I had with Cooper to the response he gave to my one queries is priceless as you will see.  Enjoy.

LH : What’s the biggest thing that you noticed coming up where you said this is the NHL?

AB : It like on break out, the defensemen are really good at reading the play.  You have to make your plays faster.  Like I said before, you just can’t take shift off.  You have to be 100% all the time.  I think the biggest difference is the ability of guys to make plays and read what you are going to do.  You have to be quicker and faster and stronger.

LH : Coach, you talk about process over outcome.  The second period may have been one of your best offensive showing of the season but you only get one goal out of it.  Is that just a time when you have to tip your hat to the other goaltender?

JC : First of all, Leo, that does not look like your couch or your room.  Are you in the building?

LH : Coach, I am in the building.

JC : Outstanding.  No wonder we pulled it out.  Yes, the second period was really good.  It was tough because we felt that so many pucks were bouncing around.  In the crease and we just couldn’t get a stick on them but we were doing a lot of good things.  The big thing for me is that we weren’t giving up any odd-man rushes.  We weren’t giving up chances.  We were really responsible all the way around.  It was really tough, because the way we played that second period, and we we still tied.  Then, to get scored upon so early in the third.  I just like the way our guys stuck with it.  They didn’t press.  They just stuck with the plan and it worked out.