Its Sports Magazine Staff


Leo Haggerty

Hey, youse guys.  Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you Brooklyn and South Beach because it’s time. We have got to open up the stadiums and arenas to full capacity. I use the picture we took when we attended the Raptors game as proof of what an almost empty facility looks like and it ain’t a pretty sight. It just needs to happen but, guys, don’t get me wrong here.  I’m also talkin’ to you, and anyone else who is within earshot, about the fact that it has to be done safely so listen up.

If you are going to attend a sporting event in person, it would be unconscionable to not wear a mask especially if it’s an indoor facility.  You may even want to consider donning a face covering outdoors if you or a member of your family has a preexisting condition.  You don’t want to bring home Covid from the ballpark if you have someone in your household that could be susceptible to the disease especially if they cannot get vaccinated.

I know, Borough Boy and South Florida Fella, that nothing comes with a 100% guarantee.  With Brooklyn being a current teacher, and me being a former teacher who finally retired, we know what “mitigating the risk” actually entails when it comes to education.  It means that, because you are on the front lines teaching every day in the presence of hundreds of students and teachers and staff, YOU need to take precautions.  South Beach, you probably are experiencing the same trial and tribulations.

People need to embrace, for the foreseeable future, that wearing a mask is still a must especially if you want to sit with 20,000 of your closest friends at a hockey game or 70,000 of your BFFs at a football tilt or 40,000 of your “best buds” when you take in a ball game.

Yeah, South Beach and Brooklyn, I believe we need to open up athletic events to full fan capacity.  Those folks that go to games just need to be smart about it and, I guess, I really talkin’ to them, right?

So, the ball’s it your court so to be speak.  What say yea?

Rob Kriete

Low Ball and South Beach, I hear you talkin’, and you’re right…mostly.

I believe everyone that can, should get vaccinated. But, I also believe that everyone maintains their right not to. I do not believe in mandatory vaccinations. I do, however, think that only those vaccinated should be allowed into live sporting events. Guys, why should we put those that are not inoculated together to potentially continue the spread of this virus?

For my New York Mets, they are doing exactly that. To see a live game at CitiField, fans need to show proof of being vaccinated OR choose to get vaccinated at the stadium. And, fans that choose to get vaccinated there will be granted a free ticket. South Beach and Low Ball, this seems to make the most sense to me.

Do you want to sit in the virtual lap of a stranger to see a ball game while not vaccinated,  Low Ball? I would think not, South Beach. So, until the pandemic is over, I would protect those that are not vaccinated and not allow them in the crowds of our ballparks. It would be a small step to slowing the spread and hopefully finally eradicating this awful virus.

Adam Sznapstajler

Brooklyn and Low Ball, I wasn’t going to chime in here but you guys have left me no choice. We all have kids, worked with kids, or have been kids and we all know that you can’t just give them everything they want. Why should teams open up the doors to fans who have proven to be irresponsible as well as reckless? But there is a simple technique that usually works, rewards.

My solution: One free ticket when you show your vaccination card. Or even better, teams like the Yankees and the Mets as Brooklyn stated, are giving vaccinations at the stadium and giving a voucher for a future game. Screw free Krispy Kreme donuts and I know that pains you to hear that, Low Ball. Free tickets will get your sports fans vaccinated and, Brooklyn, you know free is for me, right?. Teams should also do a 70/30 split on attendance. To keep with the concept of herd immunity only up to 30% of people over 16 in the stadium can be unvaccinated. Masks required of course.

I know stadiums have to open but there are definitely some creative ways we can get enough people vaccinated using sports that can help society as a whole and as a benefit get some people some free tickets.

So yea, my ideas might be crazy but we’re living in crazy times so maybe that’s what we need! Either way, Old Guys, I’m talkin’ to both of you.