Game On…with Rob Kriete! – JUNE 9

Whatever “reality television” is as entertainment, most viewers now know it is, at least, an alternate form of reality. Filled with drama, natural or manufactured, these shows are very entertaining to many. I’m not knocking those that enjoy this form of entertainment, not even close. I watch one of my favorite reality shows all the time, Major League Baseball.

Major League Baseball has been the longest-running reality show in professional sports, from gambling to steroids to now sticky substances. To see MLB as anything other than a reality show is inaccurate. There is always drama to be had. This week, the richest pitcher in the game’s history, Gerrit Cole, couldn’t answer a direct question about whether he uses a foreign product on the baseballs he throws. Specifically, he was asked about using something called “spider-tack” that would potentially increase his spin rate on his pitches. Teams have used spin rates to measure how quickly a pitch is spinning, thus adding to the movement of the pitch. Spin rates have been surging in recent years, and MLB is now planning to opening their reality show Pandora’s box by somehow checking pitchers for foreign substances when they take the mound.

MLB seemingly deals with problems well after the issue has been cemented in the game. Steroids, for example, were not dealt with by the league until homerun records were shattered. Using sticky substances on the baseballs has been going on for years, but with reduced offensive numbers, the crackdown on these spin-improving products will commence.
The over one-hundred-year-old reality show swings the pendulum every so many years to help pitchers sometimes and hitters others. When Gerrit Cole could not reasonably answer a simple yes or no question about “spider-tack” with, “Um … I don’t… I don’t know … I don’t know if, uh … I don’t — I don’t quite know how to answer that, to be honest,” I knew it was going to be another installment of MLB reality show craziness.

Buckle up, MLB fans; the drama is going to be ripe very soon, with umpires doing a veritable frisk of pitchers before they throw. There are going to be denials, admissions, finger-pointing, and plenty of bad feelings to make shows like Survivor, the Bachelor, or the Real Housewives of Somewhere seem tame. Mark it for Game On for additional drama coming to your favorite MLB game!

Be safe, everyone!