By ISM Staff


OK, Brooklyn and South Beach, I believe this may be a topic that we can all, generally, agree upon.  That would be a first but, and there’s always a but, where the disagreement might begin is the implementation process and, as always, I’m talkin’ to you about that.

First, this is the United States of America where we, at least in theory over the last four years, are living in a democracy.  That not only allows you to make good decisions but it also affords you the opportunity to make some bad ones as well.

Hey, guys, I get it.  You cannot force someone to take the vaccine but you can make it extremely uncomfortable if they don’t comply.  Case in point would be banning a player or coach from the facility if they were not vaccinated. Their only means of communication would be via Zoom and would be forced to work out on their own away from the team.  Plus, and here’s where it would get real dicey, the NFL could mandate that unvaccinated players cannot compete for safety reasons.  That, I believe, would get everyone’s attention.

Brooklyn, you especially as the President of the Hillsborough County Teachers Union, saw the chaos that ensued trying to instruct all subjects by elearning.  Not only were students incapable of sitting in front of a computer screen for 6 hours or more but teachers were totally overwhelmed by trying to impart knowledge on a platform they had little, if any, training or experience.  Getting everyone back to brick-and-mortar environments will make it much easier for teachers and students to get back to some semblance of normalcy.  Big Apple Guy, what that looks like is still up to interpretation, correct?

South Beach, you’re in the business world, and we know it was no better trying to keep a company afloat by when face-to-face interaction with the customer was completely eradicated.  As you will probably explain to our readers that is was a day-to-day existence and, SB, that couldn’t have been pretty especially when owners had to lay off workers just to survive or, even worse, close up shop completely.

SB and BKLN, professional sports must, and I reiterate must, give the optic that everything is “back to normal” and there is no better way than to have everyone in the organization vaccinated.  The pro leagues are going to have to “backdoor” there way into this one because, as we all know, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”

Players and coaches must be cajoled and not forced into making that decision.  Taking away game checks will be the perfect motivator to get vaccinated.

Well, boys, there you have it.  Your turn to talk to me.

Low Ball, I have repeated in this column that I believe that everyone should get vaccinated. However, I have maintained that everyone has the right to decide for themselves whether to take the vaccination. I would want different, delineated protocols for those that are vaccinated and for those that are not. Those that choose not to be vaccinated should be required to wear masks and maintain social distance whenever possible.  No compromise.

Now, perhaps, LB, this is a deterrent, I don’t know. I think it is reasonable to accommodate those that are and those that are not inoculated in a similar way.

Overall, Low Ball, we agree, this week. I am looking for a way to accommodate both sides on this one. Maybe we need a little more meeting in the middle, everywhere.

Adam Sznapstajler

Low Ball, you are correct, I will have to agree with you here. It’s imperative that as many players and coaches get vaccinated as quick as possible. However, I really think we are missing a big part of the picture.

A lot of these athletes aren’t anti-vaccination, however they are dependent on their body for their careers and I do understand how putting anything in there could make an athlete queasy. I think a lot of these athletes have not been educated on the true toll of COVID on their career, just ask Jayson Tatum who still has to use an inhaler before games.

Additionally, being unvaccinated keeps your team at a competitive disadvantage, with an increased risk of missed meetings, practices, or even games. As Low Ball mentioned, just imagine the mess if coaches test positive especially o game day.

As a teacher, Brooklyn knows very well that there are certain vaccines and boosters you are required to get while attending school. I find it ridiculous that athletes can’t be held to the same standard. Someone needs to remind these folks that playing professional sports is a privilege, not a right.

I do want to point out that there are CBAs and this is something that will need to be worked out between the unions and the leagues, not a unilateral decision.  Back to that ting called democracy, right guys?

So yes vaccinate them all, hold them to the requirement I needed to go to the 7th grade.