By Andrew Cioffi


Tom Brady will be sharing the cover of EA sports Madden 22 with Patrick Mahomes. I say that Brady will be sharing because I have no idea why Mahomes would be included on the cover at all. Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback of all time, just beat Mahomes in the Super Bowl and was elected the Super Bowl MVP. History has proven that if a player is rewarded like that, they are automatically on the cover of Madden NFL. Mahomes seemed to have a great performance in the Super Bowl, but threw no touchdowns and 2 interceptions. Tom Brady was able to throw for 200 yards and had 3 touchdowns as Brady added another ring to his collection which is now at 7. I think the story of last year should be all about Brady and nothing about Mahomes, who just proved that right now he is not the GOAT.

I understand that some say Mahomes is the next greatest quarterback in the game, but the guy just lost to the greatest playoff quarterback in the game, Tom Brady, who also hasn’t even thought of retiring yet. It is just a video game, but the fact that Madden wouldn’t want to give all the credit to Brady is a mystery especially after Patrick Mahomes was on the cover, by himself, in 2020 after his Super Bowl win and MVP award.

Why wasn’t Jimmy Garopolo put on the cover with Mahomes? All second best in the NFL is first loser in the Super Bowl.  Jimmy G didn’t get the consolation prize of being on the cover of Madden 2021.  One of the reasons may be there was already a Madden 18 “Goat Addition” made in honor of Tom Brady, but still the guy won again, so give him the credit! I think it would’ve made sense if Mahomes had won because it would be viewed as Brady passing the torch to him like the Old Guard to the New Guard.  I am curious to see what the cover will look like and if it has any meaning.

I might seem a little upset that TB12 is sharing the cover with PM15.  In reality, it seems that both Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes seem to care less. In an interview Brady said that the both of them joked around quite a bit during the Madden 22 cover shoot. Mahomes said that “To be on the cover – not only for a second time, but also with Tom Brady, an all-time great – is surreal.” Both of these guys respect each other as a couple of the greatest to ever do it at their positions. I think that Brady has definitely already proven himself and I feel that Mahomes still has a long way to go to be in a GOAT conversation with Brady. That is why I think, for now, the cover should be featuring the best to ever do it, Tom Brady because he proved it again just last season.

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