By Leo Haggerty


Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver Cole Beasley has fired the first salvo against the new Covid protocols that were devised between the National Football League and the National Football League Players Association.  These restrictions will go into effect for training camp and the preseason and, as ISM Senior Writer Rob Kriete so aptly states, it’s GAME ON and here’s why

If you’re vaccinated, you will no longer be required to follow these stringent protocols.  You will not have to wear a mask while at team headquarters.  You will no longer be subjected to daily testing. You can, basically, do what was considered normal before the coronavirus struck and that was eat in the cafeteria plus hang out in the sauna.  You can now, under the new protocols for vaccinated players, allowed to actually see family and friends when you’re on a road trips.

Now, if you’re not vaccinated, to say you’ll be targeted is an understatement.  The daily testing will continue. You must wear a mask at the team facility.  You’re banished from the cafeteria as well as any location where you would be “maskless” like a sauna. To put the icing on the cake, so to speak, if you leave the team hotel during a road trip for any reason you will be fined $50,000.

That’s when #11 took to social media to express his displeasure with this set f standards.  “This is crazy”, Beasley exclaimed.  “Did we vote on this? I stay in the hotel. We still have meetings. We will all be together. Vaccinated players can go out of the hotel and could bring covid back to where I am. So, what does it matter if I stay in the hotel now? 100 percent immune with vaccination? No. The players association is a joke. Call it something different. It’s not for the players.”

Don’t be surprised if more players come out and side with the Bills WR especially those would have already contracted Covid and were totally asymptomatic.  The question that you will probably hear asked by NFL players is why do they need a Covid vaccine shot when they have already had, and my body has fought off, the coronavirus.  I don’t think the league or the players union has an answer for that query at this time.

So, what will happen, you ask?  I believe it’s all going to come down to numbers.  If a majority of NFL players, or even a plurality of the marquee individuals, choose to not get the vaccine, the league is going to have to make a decision.  Does The Shield try and enforce a rule that will severely limit the viability of their product or relent and rescind these protocols to one that is more in tuned with the science that is now being put forward concerning Covid.

Stay tuned, my loyal readers.  This one is far from being decided.