By ISM Staff


Gentlemen, and I’m talkin’ to all of you, I have to admit that we are possibly witnessing baseball history.  What New York Mets starting pitcher Jacob deGrom has accomplished so far, albeit only in the beginning of the 2021 Major League Baseball campaign, borders on extraordinary.

So, before you two go at it and as I always encourage my readers to do, lets do the math, shall we?  Brooklyn and South Beach, here are the latest stats on #48 for the 2021 campaign.  In 11 starts, the Florida native is 6-2 with a miniscule 0.54 earned run average.  Yeah, SB and BKLYN, that’s not a misprint but let me continue because it gets better.

So far, in the 67 innings, the lanky 6’4″ righthander has surrender 26 hits along with 8 walks and a microscopic 4 earned runs.  That equates to a 0.51 WHIP (walks and hits per inning for the uneducated) and add in 111 strikeouts and you can see why deGrom has been so dominating.

Hey, guys, “Jacob de Great” is even a weapon when you put a bat in his hands.  The 33-year old left handed swinger is 11-for-26 and that adds up to a .423 batting average.

South Beach and Brooklyn, here’s the best stat of them all.  The two-time National League Cy Young award winner has scored 4 runs along with 6 runs batted in.

Ah, this just in, Big Apple & Magic City Guys.  The Stetson alum has driven in more runs than he’s allowed.  To use a little bit of baseball lingo, that’s just filthy.

Now, can the 9th round draft pick (yeah, boys, you’re reading that right) keep this pace up is the question.  In 1968, St. Louis Cardinals ace Bob Gibson posted the modern day low ERA at 1.12.  Former Mets hurler, and Tampa native, Dwight Gooden came close to matching that in 1985 with a 1.53 mark.

The deGrominator has a shot at eclipsing Gibson’s mark and only time will tell but that’s not what we’re talkin’ about.  We’re talkin’ about the best start in MLB history and there’s no doubt in my mind that belongs to deGrom.

You disagree with my logic, fellas?  If you do, let’s hear if because I’m talkin’ to both of you so have at it.

South Beach, it seems you must be spending time at the actual beach instead of looking at the standings, but the Mets are in first place. And the NY Mets have always been an actual team, not a motley crew of free agents that somehow win the World Series only to be traded around the league the following year. The Marlins are annually a team of carpetbaggers. Do you guys get to root for any players down there? Or is it basically whoever is wearing the Miami laundry for the day?

Getting back to discussing the greatest pitcher on the planet right now, I concede that Pedro, Randy, and Maddux have dominated at times. Geez, ever see Randy Johnson make that hapless bird explode that day, South Beach? Check it out. But what deGrom had been doing defies logic and, in some regards, baseball history. deGrom’s average fastball has gotten faster every year he has been in the league! It is amazing to watch him carve up lineups without conceding anything…and with different pitches. Word is, deGrom has a curveball that is up there with the best in the league, but he doesn’t even need to throw it. As he gets older still, that hammer might become the next great weapon for the Mets version of Cy Young.

Over the first 11 starts of this 2021 season, I have never seen anyone dominate like deGrom. Now, South Beach, if you want to go toe-to-toe on Mets vs. Marlins, I’m ready anytime, sonny. You know, and I’m talkin’ to you, they were even the Florida Marlins back in the day? Ha!

Adam Sznapstajler

Well, old timers, this is one time where I might have to take a back seat. Bob Gibson and Dwight Golden both pitched before I was born. I would like to throw out Pedro Martinez’s 1999-2000 dominant seasons in Boston. However at this pace, DeGrom is ahead of them all.

What I would like to do is make fun of the Mets, a favorite past time of mine. During this season Jacob DeGrom has the most hits of any Mets in his starts, leads all Mets hitters in batting average with RISP, and lastly has 2 losses while only allowing a total of 4 earned runs in 11 starts.

I feel so bad that the greatest pitcher of our generation, if not ever, has been wasted with the Cleveland Browns of baseball.

As I said, Low Ball and Brooklyn, I was going to take this one in a different direction and I think I ran with it. And speaking of runs, Mets fans, that’s when a base runner passes home plate and I’m talkin’ to you too.