Game On…with Rob Kriete! – JUNE 23

This world offers challenges for each of us daily. As a career educator, I always remind my students to be kind to others, as we never know what others are enduring as far as challenges. Some challenges are more arduous than others, though.

Operation Game On is a fantastic group working to “provide golf as a form of rehabilitation for our returning combat-injured troops suffering from physical and mental disabilities.” Operation Game On gives returning combat-injured troops suffering from physical and mental disabilities a custom introduction to the world of golf. They offer certified golf lessons from PGA instructors and fittings for equipment, as well as access to courses in San Diego.

I loved hearing about this group helping our combat-injured troops. According to the organization, “Golf is good for the mind and for the body. It allows [combat-injured troops] to compete, laugh, relax, focus, and challenge their muscles outside of regular PT. It gives them hope of a clearer future after their tragic injuries and experiences of war.”

This impactful charity operates on donations to help these veterans rebuild their lives through golf. Pretty cool! And they also offer golf lessons and equipment to the spouses of these veterans so that the couples can learn, rebuild and have fun together. Check out what they are doing at:

It seemed appropriate for this column to highlight this great organization. Remember to be kind to one another out there, and be kind to yourself as well!

Be safe, everyone!