By Adam Sznapstajler


I usually spend my weekly columns commentating on my favorite teams, sports, and whatever may catch my eye in South Florida sports at the time. Unfortunately, my focus has been far from sports this past week, as with many from South Florida as well as across the world.

I have been glued to the incredible tragedy that occurred in Surfside. I really would be doing a disservice to everyone to spend my time focusing on anything else.

As someone who grew up in South Florida the scary thing is that Champlain Towers represents almost every building along the beach and that fact has rocked South Florida to its core. Not to mention, that despite being a large urban area, South Florida is full of smaller communities and this collapse has reached into most of them in a way almost nothing else ever has. For me, the fact that a large number were a member of the Surfside Jewish community, one I am connected to, also added an extra level of personal connection to the event.

Although I do not know anyone personally who was presumed lost in the collapse, I am tangentially related to many in a way no other catastrophe has ever affected me. I continue to pray for the families and, as an eternal optimist, I still hold out hope that there’s at least one miracle survivor in the rubble.

If the spirit moves you, here are places to donate:

Support Surfside:

Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center:

Greater Jewish Federation of Miami:

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Miami: