Game On…with Rob Kriete! – JUNE 30

Happy Independence Day, friends! I hope this Fourth of July is a safe and great one for you and yours. Traditionally, July 4th is celebrated with my family and friends with a standard American barbeque, with baseball always on throughout the day.

This year, thanks to readily available vaccinations, we have a group of 36 going to Yankee Stadium to see my beloved Mets take on Bronx Bombers. I can’t wait. Almost all of my amigos are Yankee fans, but my family and I wear orange and blue proudly. You see, my family has deep Brooklyn roots where they were passionate fans of the Trolley Dodgers of Brooklyn for years. When those bums moved to Los Angeles, my family could not simply become fans of the Yankees that they hated from World Series matchups with the Dodgers. In 1962, when National League baseball returned to New York, my family became instant Mets fans. Heck, my golden retriever is named Mookie Wilson!

Some significant rain is projected for the Subway Series this weekend, so there may even be a doubleheader in the offing. As a traditional baseball fan, though, I would like to declare my independence from seven-inning-doubleheader games! This abomination of a rule of holding only seven-inning games for twin bills is simply unacceptable. MLB fans need to revolt against this rule. Shortening a game is purely wrong.

Additionally, if a pitcher completes the seven-inning game, he gets credited with a complete game. However, the same pitcher, if he gives up no hits during his “complete game,” does not get credited with a no hitter. What gives?

Rise up, MLB fans, and declare your independence from this ridiculousness and the changing of the game we love!

What rules, in any league, would prompt you want to declare your independence?

Let’s go Mets!

Be safe, everyone.