By ISM Staff


Group, I can honestly say I don’t know whether I’m talking to you or talking to myself on this one. It has me in a quandary and here’s why.

One one hand, people are still succumbing to Covid.  Brooklyn and South Beach and Chowdah Head, I get it. We’re just coming out of a pandemic that had ravished humanity worldwide. In fact, I wrote my column this week on were we, as a country, trying to get back to normal too fast and too soon.
Now, with the Delta variant rearing its ugly head, are we going to go back to masks and possibly, another bout of quarantine?  It sure looks like that’s the direction we’re heading from the information coming out of the CDC.  If that transpires, you may see a revolt and that will be extremely ugly.
With all that being said, let’s look at the facts. Big Apple Guy, I can’t think of one elite professional athlete that has died from Covid. Can you?  Miami Vice Fella, if that’s the case, where is the danger to those men and women athletes. Help me understand, big guy?  Beantown Buddy, you being the youngest in the group, you probably hear your friends say “Isn’t this just the flu to us?” Has that happened?
Guys, the Olympics come around only once every four years. This cycle, with the Coronavirus, it’s five years. For some of them, this is their only chance to compete on this stage.
Yes, people are still catching Covid but can we get two important pieces of information to go with that please. The first is can we find out how many people are actually dying from the virus and is there another reason?  Are they obese or do they have other ailments that make them susceptible to the coronavirus?  The second is if this group gets infected by the disease, is it fatal or just a sickness that they can fight off?
So, until an agency is willing to give me some data that’s negative, I say let the Games begin even without fans. Not only am I talkin’ to you, I’m talkin’ to anybody who will listen.
What’s your thoughts? I’m all ears.

Low Ball, although I don’t know of prominent athletes dying from Covid-19 infections, it doesn’t mean it won’t or cannot happen, especially without logical protocols.

To me, even though the world competes in some antiquated and sometimes peculiar events, the Olympics is a global event that actually unifies our planet. The fact that despite diverse cultures, geography, customs, diets, governments, etc., the world shares this form of competition. Across the globe, competitive sports are a cornerstone of entertainment and nationalism. Of course, you all could argue that nationalism is the opposite of unifying. But, Low Ball, it is the competition that connects us. Just like NFL fans can relate to each other regardless of the teams they root for. Or MLB, NBA, NHL, etc.

To this end, we must let these athletes compete. Of course, without fans. Fans are not the necessary component of the Olympics and their presence would only jeopardize the safety of all. With daily Covid test for all athletes, coaches, and workers, risk is being minimized as much as possible. So, keep up the urgent protocols and let these athletes represent their nations!

Adam Sznapstajler

Low Ball and Brooklyn, I was ready to jump in lambasting the IOC for putting on a sham event that even the host country didn’t want. Then I spent the past two days buying exactly what the IOC is selling. And I’m not even talking watching tape delay, I’m talking watching 3×3 basketball at 3 AM.

I didn’t notice the lack of fans or elite athletes that were missing due to the ongoing pandemic, instead I got lost in the world of Olympic sports.

I also watched these athletes at the top of their games.  They are exuberant with joy as the represented their nations that had been through so much.

So I was ready to blast the IOC here but, after letting my inner sports fan free the past couple days, I honestly can’t.