By Adam Sznapstajler


With the Milwaukee Bucks winning the 2021 NBA championship, many teams saw that the league truly is up for grabs. Other than a healthy Brooklyn Nets, there is no truly dominant team. This is going to set up a frenzy of moves in the NBA that will lead to a musical chairs of sorts, shuffling players between a lot of the best teams in the league as each contender tries to seize their chance.

Here are my 10 predictions for the NBA Offseason:

1. Bradley Beal ends up on the Miami Heat

A common rumor the past couple of years, there is finally smoke coming from the Beal end that he is fed up in Washington. Look for him to work his way out and his longtime rumor partner, the Heat, will swoop him up in a trade involving Tyler Herro.

2. Kawhi Leonard stays in Los Angeles

Reports this week have calmed down the possible free agent market for Kawhi as it seems he is staying in Los Angeles.

3. He will be joined in LA by Eric Bledsoe

After being traded to the Grizzlies on Monday, it already seems that Bledsoe is not in the plans for Memphis. I expect him to be traded quickly and his old team, the Clippers, are in dire need of guard help.

4. Damian Lillard stays in Portland for the offseason

In what is a tepid prediction, I do think that Lillard will be traded but the Blazers won’t get anything worth his value during the offseason.

5. Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan go to the Lakers

The former Toronto duo team up to defeat their playoff woes as a pair (Lowry has a decent solo career) and latch onto Lebron and AD hoping to make a run at the championship.

6. The Warriors end up with Pascal Siakam

After losing Lowry, the Raptors decide its time to rebuild and take up the Warriors on their offer for the Wiseman, the 7th and 14th pick in the draft to rebuild while moving All Star Siakam.

7. The Pistons draft Cade Cunningham first overall

After months of reports that they might move the first overall pick, the Pistons keep it and go with Oklahoma State guard Cade Cunningham first overall.

8. The 76ers trade Ben Simmons for Malcom Brogdon

Although I would not trade him when his value is currently at the lowest, it seems that Ben Simmons situation in Philadelphia is untenable so he will need to be shipped out. After missing out on Lillard and Lowry, the Sixers accept a C offer here.

9. Chris Paul stays in Phoenix

After the success of this past season, CP3 finds a way to stay in what has been the valley of youth for Grant Hill, Shaq, and more.

10. The Knicks do something stupid

I do not know when it is coming or with who but I guarantee the Knicks will do something stupid.  It’s just in their blood.

Check out my weekly column every Tuesday.  Until then, sayonara from South Florida!