Game On…with Rob Kriete! – AUGUST 2

We’re changing the batting order a bit this week.  I’m posting Monday and our Editor, Leo Haggerty who has been covering the Bolts and the Bucks and now the Bulls, will jump in tomorrow with Andrew Sznapstajler moving to Wednesday.

As a kid growing up, I would hear expressions about money that didn’t quite make sense to me at the time. “You have to have money to make money,” or even a famous quote from a founding father, “A penny saved is a penny earned,” and I recall ruminating over these sayings. I mean, are saving and earning money the same thing? Or, how about the adage, “the rich get richer.”

That one steams me. The Dodgers of Los Angeles are seemingly exemplifying this saying during the 2021 MLB season. But, of course, the bums that left Brooklyn years back are coming off their first World Series Championship since 1988, winning in 2020 over the Tampa Bay Rays.

Before the MLB trade deadline, however, the Dodgers acquired ace starting pitcher Max Scherzer, as well as dynamic shortstop Trea Turner, from the Nationals for four players. These two superstars helped lead Washington to their only World Series championship in 2019 and are both high-impact players. By the way, this deal got done after reports surfaced that the San Diego Padres were close to landing Scherzer to help them beat the Dodgers. L.A. has had some injuries to their starting pitchers most notably perennial Cy Young candidate Clayton Kershaw.

As a long-suffering NY Metropolitans fan, I am not bemoaning these two players moving to another division. However, I can say that Trea Turner has been a fantastic player for the Nationals with the glove, on the basepaths, and with the stick. Scherzer is a three-time Cy Award winner. These two guys are difference makers and certainly changed the odds in Las Vegas as the World Series favorite.

Heck, even as I write this column, the Dodgers added yet another former All-Star to their team by signing Cole Hamels to pitch. Los Angeles is currently without 2020 Cy Young award winner Trevor Bauer, who is suspended (with a lot of pay) while awaiting a court hearing (I’m sure you may have heard about this,) and they were undoubtedly looking for some pitching depth. Additionally, the Dodgers added lefty Danny Duffy from the Royals giving them another veteran arm as they skip their way to the MLB playoffs.

In terms of the 2021 MLB season, the rich have gotten richer!  The only question is will it be enough to garner another Commissioner’s Trophy.

Be safe, everyone!