By Leo Haggerty


For the sights portion, as the Buccaneers entered the second week of Training Camp, the good news is that no one on the Pewter Pirates has suffered any injuries that would be deemed long term or season ending.  In fact, it’s not just good news.  It’s great news.

The bad news, if you’re not one of the Bucs that are on the two-deep depth chart board, you really have to stand out.  That’s because, as Head Coach Bruce Arians stated during OTA’s and Mini Camp, there only, realistically, five spots open on the Buccaneers.  Tampa Bay is loaded to say the least at every position on both sides of the football.

With that being said, there’s two things these players need to do.  The first is to make splash plays.  For those of you who just went “splash plays” that’s football lingo for making a spectacular play that makes coaches take notice. That’s the physical side.

The second is to give coaches the feeling that they can trust you.  That means that a player won’t blow an assignment.  That’s the mental side.

Now, for the sounds portion.  Had a chance to catch up with OG Alex Cappa and WR Tyler Johnson.  Their comments to my queries are below.

LH : What’s the biggest change from your rookie Mini Camp and Training Camp till now when your a veteran established starter?

AC : It was just me and Vita (Vea) fighting all the time at the Rookie Mini Camp so that hasn’t changed too much.  I think that you gain more confidence.  I think that you gain more experience.  You see stuff better.  Back in the day, Gerald (McCoy) was just beating me up as a rookie.  Don’t have to deal with that anymore.  I think you get better as a player, honestly.  Besides that, it does slow down a little bit and you do start to see stuff a little better

LH : In a little over a year, you cap off one of the greatest season in University of Minnesota history with a victory in the Outback Bowl right here in Tampa where you were the MVP to winning a Super Bowl in Raymond James Stadium where you were a big contributor in the playoff run.  Do you wake up and pinch yourself to make sure this isn’t a dream?

TJ : I never pinch myself but I thank God for everything.  I thank God for waking me up.  I thank God for putting me in this position.  I thank God for the people around me because, without Him, none of this is possible.  So, you know, I just come into work and look forward to getting better knowing that it can be over at any minute.  I just want to come out here and give it my all.  It’s very important to me as to how I represent the organization and how I represent my family.  It’s just big that I keep being me.

Below are some of the sights that I shot while at Training Camp.  Enjoy!