By Adam Sznapstajler


I wanted to brush it away, ignore any possible excitement, but all my efforts have seemed futile. I can happily say that after a weekend of preseason action, the NFL is back. With storylines galore like the Jaguars quarterback battle, Travis Kelce’s haircut, and the performance of Tua for the Dolphins. I want to break down my top 5 preseason storylines here:

1. It’s Year Tua

As I mentioned above, one of the most intriguing storylines and my personal favorite to watch is the performance of Tua Tagovailoa. After an OK rookie performance, this is the time to watch Tua grow into the quarterback that will have the Dolphins competing for a playoff spot. After Game One, I was impressed by a few throws, unimpressed by his interception, but came out with an overall positive view of his performance.

2. COVID News

In case you’ve been living under a rock, there has been a global pandemic over the past year and a half. Now, there’s a miracle vaccine that players refuse to take, bewildering coaches, fans, owners, and sane people alike. I will say that the vaccination rate of players is above that of the general population, the microphones handed to anti-vaxxers like Cole Beasley and Kirk Cousins is not healthy.

3. QB Battles

As is always the case this time of year, there are a couple of QB battles brewing around the league. In Jacksonville you have first overall pick Trevor Lawrence trying to take the job from fan favorite Gunter Minshew.  In Indianapolis, you have Jacob Eason and rookie Sam Ehlinger battling for the interim starter while Carson Wentz is out.  Personally, my favorite QB battle is in New Orleans. There you have formerly vision impaired Jameis Winston (he had LASIK after he left Tampa) vs gadget man Taysom Hill.

4. Players on the Move

Another staple of this time of years is the last remnants of offseason trades playing out. This offseason, there are two main scenarios. The first is Michael Thomas from New Orleans, who seems to want to get as far away from that QB battle as possible. I don’t see him getting moved this offseason but, if the team struggles, I can see him getting moved to fill multiple holes. The second situation is important enough to be my last point.

5. Deshaun Watson, Really!?

OK, so one of the names that has been rumored to be on the market during the preseason is Deshaun Watson. Yes, that Deshaun Watson being investigated for sexual crimes and embroiled in legal disputes with over 20 women. The fact that he is not even on the commissioner’s list (paid leave) and allowed to practice while this is going on is laughable. Then, what becomes even more ridiculous is that most of the media have spent the preseason talking about his issues in terms of his trade value, rather than properly informing the audience on the horrors of his possible, yet very well documented and reported, crimes.

There you have it.  Until next week, Sayonara from South Florida.